11.8 miles
3,257 feet
Out & Back







wild flowers





no dogs

30 days ago

This trail was HARD. The way up to the base of the peak was easy, but up to the peak was hard. I’ll preface by saying I shouldn’t have done this because I was just getting over food poisoning and the entire hike still had bad stomach cramps. So do this in good health. We were a group of 4 and only 1 of us made it to the summit. We didn’t find the trail some people had mentioned (I should have read the reviews and followed people’s advice and directions). We just picked one side and tried to scramble to the top. Many loose boulders and steep sections. It took us ages just to get about halfway. The beating sun and scrambling really drained us. I had to stop because I had no energy left to continue and one person stayed behind with me. 2 kept going, but one returned after about 10-15 min because they reached a point that was completely vertical and he felt unsafe. The other guy kept going and was the only one to summit. It took him an additional 1hr 10min and he was going at a face pace, without the rest of us to slow him down. Going down was HARD as well and you must do this carefully. Loose boulders and gravel had me slipping a few times. I would rate this a 5 star but I took off a star because it was hard to find any trail up to the peak. Bring lots of water; another problem we had was not enough water. I’m 5’2”, 120lbs and 3 liters wasn’t enough for me. I’ll go back one day, find the better way up and conquer the peak!!!

Summary: trail to lake was gorgeous with wildflowers (very easy), need to go carefully up peak (difficulty more than hard), bring LOTS of water and sunscreen and lastly, don’t do it if you have stomach cramps. Total time taken and distance: ~7 hrs, ~13 miles for guy who finished)

It turned out I had a kidney infection, so if you’re in top shape it’s definitely your peak to bag!