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10 months ago

An easy walking trail that goes through BLM land with a few different sections.

There's off-road parking right at the start of the trail - the parking probably fits about a dozen cars and there usually aren't that many people here.

Right at the start of the trail, the path is clearly worn. After about the first 100 yards or so, there will be sign posts along the trail; they don't provide any information regarding distance to the trail end, they only function to let you know you're still on the trail and provide arrows if the trail curves.

The trail eventually crosses a little stream and it changes a bit. The trail becomes a little less worn - flattened grass instead of worn dirt. The trail also begins to head inland, away from the coast. It will cross through a brief grouping of trees and come to a roughly paved road where it leads further inland. A little ways later, there will be a sign post for the trail that points into an off-shoot of the road, beyond a gate.

The gate section of the trail is brief but could trip people up. The gate is closed, rusted and tied shut. Just unhook and untie the rope, open the gate, and head in - you'll be walking back towards the coast. The path that follows goes through a bit of a wooded area that is overgrown. When I went, there was a dead tree that crosses the path at about chest height that you'll need to duck under. Eventually you end up back on another roughly paved road.

Just before you come to another gate, the path leaves the road and heads further south along the coast. Here, the path is only as wide as a single person and cuts through tall grass and other shrubbery. The sign posts continue for a while, but they eventually stop even through the trail goes on. Just continue walking along the (at this point) lightly worn trail along the coast. If you ever lose the trail, really just walk along the coast and you'll be fine.

When I went in November, the sky was completely gray and there was a fog/mist along the coast. There were a few people at the start of the trail, but by the time I got into the second section of the trail, I didn't see anyone after that. Overall, it's a nice walk if you want it to be just you and nature.