Placerita Canyon to Waterfall Trail [CLOSED]

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Placerita Canyon State Park

Placerita Canyon to Waterfall Trail [CLOSED] is a 4.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Newhall, California that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.8 miles Elevation Gain: 574 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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horseback riding

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This trail is experiencing full or partial closure due to COVID-19. The Canyon Trail at Placerita Canyon and the San Dimas Canyon Trail also remain closed. Please see the open trails nearby for alternate hiking options. Please visit this website for up to date information: This is an easy hike with lots of shade. The trail has heavy use with lots of families. There are several places to rest along the way including a picnic area. The trailhead has restrooms at the nature center. The waterfall is dry unless there has been recent rain.

8 days ago

The Trail is closed.

8 days ago

Currently this trail along with canyon and waterfall trails are closed (5/25). Did a nice steep hike to Manzanita Mtn Trail to Hillside which was great. The views and flowers were beautiful and smelled amazing!

1 month ago

The trail to the waterfall has an exceptional amount of poison oak on both sides of the trail. It is easy to avoid if you know what you are looking for. If it rains prior to your trip the road gets washed out where you enter the picnic/trailhead.

3 months ago

Trail is still closed, however we spoke to a worker and they are hoping to have it reopened within a month. They had to make a lot of repairs because of some sort of damage to the trail which made it hazardous to the public. Had to do a different hike, but it’s a beautiful area. I can’t wait till it opens back up.

10 months ago

all three trails to the waterfall were closed so we wasted our time I wish they would have posted that on the alltrails app

10 months ago

Beautiful views and some amazing plant life.

Fri Apr 05 2019

Easy hike

Sun Jan 14 2018

Love this trail to the Waterfalls; hiked this trail 3 times, the last time I did it solo. Too bad it’s closed for now.

Sun Oct 01 2017

The placerita to waterfall trail still is "closed" but easy to access behind a makeshift fence. There was a tiny bit of water flowing in the riverbed about half way up, enough to make one part of the trail pretty thick with vegetation. Since the trail is closed and has no maintenance activity and low traffic it is starting to get a bit overgrown in a few places in the canyon section. Still a great hike with lots of shade. Very few people on the trail and I got to see some blue birds, lots of lizards and a deer.

Fri Sep 29 2017

The "Heritage" trail was a very short paved walk to a tree. The trail on the map is something else that is closed due to the wildfires last year. Very misleading.

Mon Mar 27 2017

Just completed 3/26/17. Parts of this trail have washed away especially around the creek and there are a few fences with signs saying the trail is closed, which made the hike less crowded. The waterfall at the end of the trail is ok but don't expect anything amazing, instead just enjoy the moderate to easy hike, green meadows, trees, and multiple small stream/river crossings. Brought the dog and she loved the water.

Tue Feb 14 2017

Rain damage has closed trail to waterfall near trailhead. No one at the nature center knew when it might reopened. I took a couple other short trails that were still open. Easy to moderate , nice views.

Fri Feb 10 2017

Fun no waterfall though

Fri Feb 03 2017

closed due to mudslides

Wed Nov 23 2016

Trail is closed due to the Sand Fire.

Wed Nov 16 2016

This trail is actually closed.

Fri Aug 26 2016

Currently closed due to fire damage

Wed Jun 29 2016

easy lots of shade no luck with water fall due to drought

Wed Jun 22 2016

love it with my daughter on father's day

Sun Jun 05 2016

*Read on to hear about poison oak and bees!* The trailhead is easy to get to, and there a few different paths you can take from the parking lot. The path we took (recorded below) was an enjoyable walk with plenty of shade and some picnic areas. There's barely any incline and currently no creek whatsoever. We chose to take the specific path to the waterfall marked after about two miles into the hike. That path takes you to a dozen stairs or so. Soon after that, some poison oak is marked, probably to show those who aren't familiar with what it looks like what they should be keeping an eye out for. Not far after that, it wasn't the oak but the bees that became an issue. Before we could get to where the waterfall was, there were hundreds of bees swarming, so we turned back. The hike was nice, even in the 90+ degree weather, but it wasn't much of a workout and there's no water. I'd say it's good for a walk, listening to some birds, and having lunch with friends or family.

Sun Jun 05 2016

Good hike, very nice gradual increase.

Mon May 30 2016

nice trail, dog friendly. Waterfall trail is really just a wet Rock. I could imagine how beautiful it would be if there were a nice flow of water but right now don't expect any. still a pretty canyon.

Sun May 15 2016

I loved it ! A lot of trees and easy walk

Sat Mar 12 2016

Great views and nicely maintained trail.

Mon Jan 11 2016

Great beginners hike. I went three days after rain the path was easy to find and easy to follow. Crowded with families and teenagers A good amount of rock graffiti that takes away from the trickling waterfall. There is a lower waterfall and you can climb up to another waterfall but both are very small and I would say cute... Overall C+

Sun Nov 22 2015

I started out on this trail but then went up Los Pinetos trail at the same park. Great hike and beautiful trail, not too difficult getting up there but it was long. I started out late and had to hurry down before sunset. I should have started earlier I realize, using this app it allowed me to see a fire break that was a short cut back but I don't recommend it. I made it back safe but it got a little treacherous coming down. It was a great adventure today.

Sun Nov 08 2015

It was a beautiful fall day today with highs in the 70s. We started from the Nature Center and took the Canyon Trail to the left (east). The trail was well maintained and easy to follow. We came across a white oil spring and the Walker Ranch area with a fireplace. After a little over 2 miles in, we then headed south along Waterfall Trail for about 3/4 mile to the waterfall. It was very shady and the greenery was fantastic. Along the way, we saw 2 very large deer about 30 yards off the trail. The waterfall was more of a water drip at this time of year and with the drought. We'll be back in the Spring to see more water and hopefully a real waterfall. I highly recommend this hike for families and dogs. Easy hike. Beautiful scenery.

Wed Oct 21 2015

I used to volunteer at placerita canyon so I would take this trail pretty regularly. It's a nice easy hike and is beautiful especially in the winter when the heat isn't crazy. Plus the nature center is really a cool space.

Tue Sep 22 2015

Good trail for trail running

Sat Jun 06 2015

It was nice and relaxing.

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