11.1 miles
1971 feet

dogs on leash




10 months ago

Went yesterday and was amazed by how great the views were! Start by getting a map and for information from the ranger station at the corner of 108 (ask the pinecrest campground kiosk). If you are going from the pinecrest campgrounds then start from the left side of the pinecrest lake. It is the fastest way to the trail. The trail is found by going on the CATFISH LAKE trail. The catfish lake trail can be found by going from the left side of the lake loop. You can miss the trail easily as it only has a small marker. The trail is located by a cabin (owned by an old man). The old man gave us good directions and stated the following:

There will be a couple junctions but always stay right. Stay right of the ponds. And keep hiking.

Disclaimer: the catfish lake trail is by a cabin. If you have gone past the water dam, then you went too far.

IMPORTANT: Use tons of mosquito repellent.

The trail is poorly marked for a little while (past the old man's cabin). We got lost a little bit but the navigation of the app helped us get back on trail.

DEFINITELY RECOMMEND 1 person with Verizon. AT&T and Sprint and T-Mobile do not work. They only work at the peak.

There is a junction that shows the "peak trail" sign and all you gotta do is follow it up.

We got to a spot where we thought the peak was (amazing view), but it was not. There was more trail left. Keep following the trail and you'll be there. It's roughly a 5.5 mile hike up and a 5.5 mile hike down. Should only take moderate-expert hikers roughly 6-7 hours. It's moderately big dog friendly. Not small dog friendly.

Make sure you follow the same way down you came up.