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Peavine Ridge Road

MODERATE 2 reviews

Peavine Ridge Road is a 24.3 mile loop trail located near Myers Flat, California and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

24.3 miles
4,711 feet

mountain biking

no dogs

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hiked this trail as a 13.5-mile loop (Look Prairie - Peavine Ridge - Thornton) with +/- 2600 feet of elevation change beginning and ending at Albee Creek Campground (on Mattole Road). Mid-June 2013, sunny, fairly hot.

Strongly recommend leaving early to beat the heat on the strenuous uphill. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and insect repellant. Occasional patches of poison oak on the sides but the trail itself was mostly clear of overgrowth and obstacles. This route takes place entirely on multi-use trails (horses allowed) so watch your step.

We began on Homestead Trail heading East, turned North at Look Prairie Road, West at Peavine Ridge Road, then South at Thornton Road back to Albee Creek. This was an absolutely stunning hike through numerous groves of old growth (meaning 1000+ years old) coastal redwoods throughout Homestead Trail, surrounding Look Prairie, and on the southern part of Thornton Road. Thornton Road also featured a rare surprise--old growth Tanoaks, of which few remain in California.

Just past (to the North of) Look Prairie we had a close encounter with a Black Bear, who after glancing and sniffing in our direction turned and walked up the hillside away from us. The adrenaline that came with this sighting sure helped our pace for the next couple of miles up to the ridge!

Other wildlife sightings included Gray Fox, Deer, Raven, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Varied Thrush (heard not seen). Humans encountered on trail: Zero.

mountain biking
Sunday, March 03, 2013

This bike ride is my favorite MTB ride. In order to get to Peavine Ridge you either have to go up Look Prairie rd or come up Thornton rd from Albee campgrounds. I suggest Look Prairie as you will end up with 5 miles of sweet, sweet downhill single track.

Beware, as the ride up Look Prairie is hellacious. I consider myself to be somewhat fit and I have a hard time riding up this road. I occasionally jump off my bike to either take a breather or so that I don't fall off my bike. It is also three miles of up hill riding!

Once you reach Peavine Ridge however, the ride is very nice. The ridge consists of rolling hills and some nice views if you take a detour off the path. You will lose yourself among the gigantic trees as you are surrounded by this beautiful forest.

One of my favorite parts of this ride is where Peavine Rd meets up with Thornton Rd. There is a little meadow just off to the right hand side where there sits a little bench you can rest on. It gives you a wonderful view where the forested mountains meet the sky. Take pictures!

Once you start your descend on Thornton Rd, you will have a blast. It can get rolling really fast and you have some nice turns to navigate through. The best part is that this road changes scenery as you ride down and changes your riding styles. Just watch out at the very end of the trail as the trail gets rougher, looser, and steeper, and there is a gate that ends the trail.

The last time I rode this trail, it was not kept up (Thornton Rd) and I had to hop over fallen trees and off my bike. A few times I came around a corner and tried to jump over some of the trees unsuccessfully. Usually it is kept up really well. I like to ride this trail year round so I run into these problems but come spring and summer time, the trail is good to go.

I ride clipless (egg beaters!!!) but wish I didn't on the down hill. Try this ride out. It is challenging and very fun.