Palm Canyon Trail

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Palm Canyon Trail is a 2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Palm Springs, California that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is best used from November until July.

2.0 miles
295 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly





no dogs

One of the great places to see in Southern California with a breathtaking Oasis that provides picnicking areas near the creek. This trail is shaded with a mile of Palm Tree along both sides with a stream running parallel through the middle. Midway a must see incredible rock formations. One of the best hiking trails in the valley.

11 days ago

Nice, easy trail. Mostly walking through a sandy wash after you pass the oasis. Oasis was cool, it was neat to hear and see all the activity (birds, frogs, lizards) and have the shade and water there in the hot desert.
It is $9 per person to get in, we arrived at 8:30am and there weren't too many people there. By the time we left at 11:30am, the parking lot was full and there was a line of about 10 cars waiting in line to get in. There are quite a few porta-potties on site, with sanitizer and TP, which was nice. The Trading Post sells just about anything you might need.
We came back on the Victor trail and it was HOT even in early Feb. Like another reviewer stated, next time we will do it in reverse so we can enjoy the shade at the end of the trail instead of the beginning.
We will come back here to explore some more for sure.

18 days ago

Nice trail with pretty palms, quite a lot of shade.....good hike for a hot day.

1 month ago

This is a real gem. The oasis is beautiful. We did Palm Canyon then returned on Victor Trail. But If I did it again I would do it in reverse. Walk down the sharp decline at the Trading Post but instead of walking straight ahead at the bottom; turn left and get on to victor trail. Then return through Palm Canyon. The shade and water would be even more welcoming as the last part of the hike rather than the first.

1 month ago

Great easy hike through massive palm groves following the canyon creek bed.

1 month ago

Nice shady walk through a desert oasis with palms, springs and some running water even in December.

2 months ago

Looping back via the Victor Trail added great variety to the hike - the canyon oasis combined with climbing and views of Victor.

2 months ago

Nice hike! Make sure keep going until you get to the tall palm trees at the end. It’s well worth it!

A great hike. Beautiful groves of palm trees. There is an entrance fee $9.00 per person but well worth it. Go early as it got hot after 10am (November 25). We did the victor trail back to the trading post - about 3 miles.

3 months ago

We included the Victor Loop to the Palm trail which gave us a 3 miles hike. Very nice. Make sure you have enough water, there is no shade on Victor trail.

3 months ago

Very nice

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8 months ago

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8 months ago

We did The Palm Canyon/Victor Loop Trail on the advice of one of the rangers based on the 108' forecasted high. The first like of the hike was green and scenic. and the last two miles in full sun and rockier. It's an easy hike, just make sure to have plenty of water and good hiking shoes. Great views of the canyons in several spots. Just be prepared in the hot weather.

8 months ago

Not too sunny and beautiful for Palm Springs hike!

9 months ago

Steep decent down in the sun. Of course younhave to climb it on the way back. The oasis however is maintained beautifully. Tree droppings are removed, the sand had been raked recently to get up the animal dropping (although watch step because the animals were busy adding waste), picnic tables in the shade and porta potties and trash cans. Nice place to sit and enjoy the scenery and the relaxing feeling. The trail goes following the creek so there's a lot more palms. We walked it until it started another steep assent to what I believe would have taken us to the stone pool but then turned around. I have some back troubles and it was just too much for me. Couple that with it was later in the afternoon and that part was all sun-it was just too hot. We walked back the way we came in the shade! The trail did connect with several other trails if you wanted to explore further.
The top of the trail starts at the Trading Post which sells cold water and cans of Coke for $1. They also had various snacks and items like hot dogs. There's a short film playing on a loop at goes over the park history that you can watch while you eat your snack. A couple of humming bird feeders that had frequent visitors. A ranger sits at the head of the trail to answer questions. Friendly and willing to chat about the history of answer questions. No bathrooms with running water but porta potties at the top as well. They had hand sanitizer and outside there is a small station with soap and a foot pump gets enough water to rinse. $9 a person to get in. Past the potties there's a very short hike to a waterfall. I could see small portions of it but couldn't get a good luck because it was hidden by rocks and trees. Must be back at car by 4:30 and gone by 5.

10 months ago

Love this trail. The stream chills you out. My kids love it too!

11 months ago

We got out to the Oasis, then tried to return via the Alternate path - which we missed some turn and lost the trail. Overall, a very interesting and easy hike.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fun very unique trail with the California Palm Oasis. Looped back on the victor trail for a total of 2.9 miles.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A great trail and well worth the entrance fee, which covers all three Indian canyons (Palm, Andreas, Murray). You could do at least part of the best trails in each canyon in a day but you will need more time if you want to spend more time on the available trails.

The canyon itself is fabulous. It is a natural oasis ... and the largest grouping of California Palms in the world. The temperature drops as you descend into the canyon thanks to the shade provided by the trees and the cool water running through the stream bed.

The full Palm Canyon trail is quite long, and our time was limited, so we planned to do Palm Canyon Trail to Victor Trail and loop back to the parking lot. However, thanks to the generous rains the area received this year, the junction of the two trails was washed out and we could not proceed as planned. We went back the way we came and counted ourselves lucky to see the great oasis again.

However, even a primitive stone crossing might have helped us continue our trek, but there was no way we could cross without getting soaked.

A word to the wise: rain may restrict the amount of hiking you can do but the fee is constant regardless of your ability to access the trails you want. Wait until flooding has subsided before you try to hike these trails.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A magical place

Friday, June 10, 2016

The walk was very pretty, the size of the palms was unbelievable. I liked the Oasis too

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