Pacific Electric Trail is a 29.6 kilometer heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Rancho Cucamonga, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 29.6 km Elevation Gain: 92 m Route Type: Point to Point

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly

stroller friendly


nature trips

road biking


bird watching


partially paved


wild flowers

no shade

A great trail for biking, jogging , running, and walking. Pet friendly with waste stations throughout. It can be considered challenging depend on how far you take it, and where you start it from. This is a great trail to ride and explore for all ages. If you are lucky, you will see lots of wild rabbits, squirrels and birds along the trail. It takes you to central fontana, right to the new library. As you take it west, you will see a wide range of changes from development to fields. Continue until you see giant powerline towers and cool little bridges that look like they are there just for the trail. It's a great adventure all around. Not a ton of shade along the entire trail. But you can find rest stops off the trails path along the way.

1 month ago

I really enjoy the trail. I rollerblade and bike here. I recommend the morning because of wind. In the afternoon the wind comes out of the west and if you head in that direction it makes blading and biking more difficult.

no shade
3 months ago

This path follows the old Pacific Electric right-of-way and is great for walking, jogging and cycling.

no shade
4 months ago

bike touring
5 months ago

I use this trail quite often to bike between Claremont and Rancho. It's a very well maintained/paved trail that is safe and moderately trafficked. There are a couple sections in the Upland area where you get some transients hanging around, but they seem to keep to themselves. Great trail for families and all skill levels.

9 months ago

This is not a single track mountain trail but it is a great urban trail. The Rancho Cucamonga section does have a parallel dirt path for most of it’s 6 mile section. There are inclines but again it’s not a mountain trail. I take offense as it being described as “an old persons walking trail”. What’s wrong with that? I am considered to be an older person and an avid trail runner who has competed all over the world. It’s nice to have a trail like this to train on from time to time. Word of caution is that it has very little shade and going out very early is the best time.

Sun Mar 24 2019

Haven’t exercised in awhile so I’m trying to ease myself into a routine. Walked while trying to dribble a basketball so a bit different from normal home/ walk.

Mon Jan 28 2019

this is more like a old person's walk track than it is some type of hiking trail it's just paved cement from Claremont all the way through Fontana with various parks and gardening views but that's about it. I used to live in Fontana and used it for a shortcut it's just like a back alley that's paved but it's good to ride bikes and walk but there's no inclines or any kind of dirt path it's all concreted

Sun Oct 07 2018

Very nice nice trail. We’ll maintained, with air and tool stands placed along the trail.

Sun Sep 30 2018

Nice easy n relaxing ride.. Next time I'll do all the way to Rialto.

Wed Jul 25 2018

Nice flat trail, good for jogging. Trained for a 1/2 here.

Thu Nov 23 2017

Good trail to go cycling

Tue Oct 17 2017

jog on it every day awesome

road biking
Mon Oct 16 2017

Not to shabby. Super fun if you want to go for a cruise on your bike. Plan on jogging here soon.

Mon Jul 24 2017

EXCELLENT trail. I ride it often. Not steep, always clean and debris free. Joggers and bikers have always been respectful. The road is delineated for both to eliminate contact. It's bright enough at night so one feels safe. I'm heading out again tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Sat Jul 22 2017

Worst trail I've ever run. I'm from Colorado and hated this. If you aren't contemplating running here, don't. It's sketchy and ugly and definitely not runner friendly.

mountain biking
Mon May 08 2017

Did a round trip from Claremont metro to Rialto metro yesterday with Women On Wheels.

Tue Feb 14 2017

more of a bike path then a trail

Sun Feb 12 2017

Clean flat trail. Great place to walk after it rains.

Sun Feb 12 2017

Seems the conditions got better the farther I went east, with an option for actual trail, in addition to asphalt path, within a couple of miles of starting from the western end. Numerous street crossings, but still efficient and convenient to have. Could be sketchy at night.

road biking
Mon Jul 11 2016

I love this trail! There is both a dirt and paved trail for pedestrians and cyclists. Not much to see while on this trail, but still a great ride.

Wed Jun 15 2016

Great trail. Very peaceful.

Thu Jun 02 2016

Very good

mountain biking
Thu May 19 2016

Like it

Wed Feb 24 2016

I hate that this is listed in here. It's just a paved walking trail. Absolutely nothing exciting about it. Homeless people have taken up residence in some areas of the trail as well as some questionable activity in the evening hours as well.

Sat May 31 2014

NOTE: This review only covers the section of this trail in Fontana, from Seville Park at Cypress Ave through Alder, where we turned around. This is a fantastic suburban paved trail with some unique sights. We were delighted by the Civic Center (the trail travels right next to the beautiful Lewis Library and Technology Center), The Historical Society roses and grape vines, some beautiful landscaping including definitively IE orange trees, and numerous friendly walkers and cyclists we encountered. This is central Fontana, and it should be noted that we also passed some industrial areas, homeless people, and trash (we'll be bringing a bag along next time, and maybe snacks for the homeless we encounter). The trail appears to have good lighting, though we went in the morning so I can't speak to what hours it is on for. All in all, a unique and enjoyable experience that will be repeated. Looking forward to exploring the Rancho and Upland portions of the trail this summer. One thing to consider: the trail is very straight and runs east/west. This means that if you do a there-and-back portion in the morning, it pays to travel easterly for your first leg, with the sun in your face, so that your return trip is more comfortable with the sun at your back. For a twilight hike, the opposite strategy is recommended (travel westerly at first so that the western sun is at your back as you return).

Mon Apr 07 2014

Good place to walk the dog, running, or biking! Pretty areas..and it very close to my house big bonus! I like the mile markers too

Sat Jul 13 2013

Great for long distance running. Plenty of shady spots along the way! Both a hard and trail surface to run. It 22 miles with mile markers on the light poles. Not too much traffic and semi decent people. Look out for bikers!

road biking
Tue Apr 16 2013

My son and i have travled a good portion of this trail from Fontana to Rancho Cucamonga... It's an awesome trail for any bikers or walkers... Usualy people on it and tey are all on a mission as well... If you take this journey in the heat and you have a small child... Have water accessable.. I give it a high rating due to the versitility apsect.. And for the distance endurance.. my son and I have had a few trips up and back as it is just up the street from us... By t he way .. My son was 5 years old last year when we took a good 6 miles of this trail... It is deffinately worth exploring... There is a bridge that crosses over foothill... It used to be the old railroad tracks so it pretty cool... Also it links to a major bike path that supposedly spans from Redlands area to The beach... Venice i think...

Mon Mar 04 2013

great place for a quick run and walking your dog this trail goes for miles.

road biking
Wed Aug 08 2012

Went biking on this trail today, not much for sight seeing but there is some parks around, the whole thing is about 22 miles or so one way, very challenging but a good trail for not only biking but walking and running too. The trail has some parts with a dirt path and a paved path.

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