Photos of Oak Tree Trail to Upper Christmas to Ridgeline Trail Loop

4.4 miles
1,043 feet

dog friendly



mountain biking

nature trips

trail running



wild flowers


5 months ago

This is a very busy park. It sounded like a UN meeting with all of the foreign languages that were being spoken when I arrived this morning! There are lots of foot, bicycle, horse, and dog traffic. Nice vault restrooms and the parking was ample but dusty.

Christmas trail is not marked. Thank goodness I had my Garmin with me. I meant to take a picture, but forgot. Best way to spot the trail is there are two white pipes sticking out of the ground on a knoll to the left - that is the trail you want to take. Not sure if you want to though. It is very steep in areas and there weren't a lot of foot prints - so limited foot traffic, but a lot of bicycle tracks. If a cyclist was racing down this hill, you could wind up in the sticky bushes or worse. Not to worry right now, once I reached the summit, there was a sign stating the trail area was closed! There was not a sign from Sycamore Grove Trail stating that.

The rest of the trails were fire roads. Some very nice views of the area although you could see the freeway a lot. Good reminder to take your time and enjoy the peace of nature before you rejoin the rat race below.

This is a nice trail for locals to use for exercise. Too many people walking with radios on for me. Very little wildlife.