Nevada Point Trail is a 10.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Georgetown, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 10.4 miles Elevation Gain: 4,438 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly


nature trips

bird watching


wild flowers


Directions from Georgetown: Travel 11 miles east on Wentworth Springs Road, turn north on Volcanoville Road. Go approximately 1-1/2 miles to Rubicon Road. Turn right and go approximately 2 miles to an uphill spur road to the right. This short road ends at the trailhead.

no shade
over grown
14 days ago

Terrible hike. Tried to do it last weekend and: Barely made it to the incredibly difficult to find trailhead due to a treacherous 4x4 road. There was poison oak everywhere. There is pretty much no avoiding it. Yeah, the hike was easy on the way down, but took over 3 hours on the way back up. It it entirely uphill with no flats at all. It is also very exposed to the sun. Sure, the river was pretty, but I feel there are a lot better hikes that get to just as beautiful spots without all the hassle.

7 months ago

Took this trail from east end (off eleven pines rd) trail was completely overgrown and washed out from steep grade and no maintenance for what seems like 10 years. Trail starts in private property (per one sign found on the ground) and continues down steep hillsides that are very loose and leaf covered, buddy and I both took some decent spills. Took us 5 hrs to reach the river (even with GPS) at camp and broken bridge. Once at camp we were able to find an amazing spot with sandy spots for 3 tents. managed to cross the river fairly easy as flow was low and found 2 more camp sites towards pilot creek. Amazing spot with total privacy, will definitely be back in summer to visit the numerous swimming spots. We hiked out the west end of the trail and luckily caught a ride to our car on eleven pines end. In conclusion, DO NOT take trail from east side unless you plan to brush whack and stay on trail with a GPS otherwise you will easily get lost from all the game/hunting trails

Sun Dec 23 2018

Did this trail in Dec 2018 from Rubicon Rd. Trail is slightly overgrown going down to the river, but not too badly, with the leaves off the brush at this time of year. Looks very lightly used. The trail across the river is accessible only by crossing the river-slippery and cold- but the trail on the other side is very overgrown. You have to follow it carefully to avoid getting sidetracked on game trails. Didn't make it all the way to the end due to late start and lack of light. Big climb on way back up to trailhead. Nice, secluded hike.

Wed Apr 05 2017

Started this trail at the rubicon road trailhead. Pretty rough road as of April '17. Was able to get up there with a 4x4 Subaru though. Nice enough trail, narrow as hell and overgrown with poison oak. Glad I did it once, the river is great, beautiful pool that seems like it would be jumpable off the rocks once the water level goes down; won't be doing it again unless something is done about the poison oak.

Sun Mar 26 2017

March 25, 2017- after rainy week- Cool trail with breathtaking views, but we were unable to access the other half due to the second bridge being out and the water too high to cross. Also, I got a tick! Booooo!

Fri Jun 03 2016

For clarification, this trail has a trailhead at each end, both of which are accessible by roads on opposite sides of the Rubicon River. One end is located through the Volcanoville area, as the directions say. The other end of the trail is located across the river at the end of the Nevada Point Ridge rd (13N41). From one end to the other, the trail is a tad over 5 miles long. So, the specs on this trail page say 10.6 miles because they are presuming a hiker would walk the entire length, turn around, then return back to their car. Obviously your hike could be shorter if you only intend to hike to the river, or have the convenience of several people and more than one car. Both roads are bumpy dirt roads, so keep this in mind when deciding what car to bring. You won't need a 4x4, but it would be unwise to bring a low clearance car designed strictly for pavement. From the Volcanoville end down to the river is roughly about 2 miles. I was able to hike to the river at a slow-pokey pace in about an hour. The return hike up took me about an hour and 10 minutes. I really wanted to be able to say a bunch of awesome things about this trail, but it'd be dishonest of me. The two major hassles about this trail is that it is heavily overgrown with poison oak due to it's lack of use, and the mosquitoes are relentless. I have been a hiker most of my life, so I'm not usually one to complain about such things, but this was a bit too much Mother Nature for me to say it was an awesome hike. I wore plenty of bug spray and still got eaten alive, as if the resident mosquitoes hadn't seen a hiker in years. Staying ahead of them was near impossible, and I would get swarmed every time I stopped to take a picture or rest for a moment, which got frustrating very quickly, considering how steep the trail is. Dodging and weaving through the jungle of poison oak lining the narrow trail detracted from my enjoyment as well. As careful as I was, I still got whipped in the face with it several times. Because of this, I'd suggest not bringing a dog, as Fido will undoubtedly get covered in poison oak, hence eventually getting it all over you and your car later. On the plus side, this trail isn't well used or known, so if you go you'll likely have the place all to yourself. It's a great place for folks who love solitude. The river of course is gorgeous and soothing, and fortunately I encountered no mosquitoes at the river itself. There were several nice spots to camp, if you want to stay overnight. There are two bridges, (well, one and a half, actually). The first bridge crosses Pilot Creek (on the Volcanoville side). What is left of the second bridge used to cross the Rubicon, but was washed out in a flood years ago. So, if you want to cross to the other side, you will have to carefully pick your way over river rocks, or wade through a shallow area. Definitely bring river shoes for this. If you have issues with your joints, knees, or hips, definitely bring your walking stick, trekking poles, knee brace, or whatever it is you need to make the hike more comfortable for yourself, as the trail is very steep and narrow almost the whole way, and if you reach out to grab a branch to hang onto, it'll likely be poison oak. As someone with an arthritic knee, I was wishing I'd brought something to make the hike easier on myself. Bring and use bug spray, even though the mosquitoes will likely ignore it and bite you anyway. Whatever you do, don't wear shorts unless you are immune to poison oak. Overall it was a decent hike. You will definitely get your cardio and lower body workout for the day. But I am not likely to hike it again any time soon due to the heavy abundance of pests on the trail. It was worth doing once, though, for the experience and to access a remote, lovely part of the Rubicon.

Tue May 26 2015

Went with a group of 10 on May 24th 2015. Didn't realize rubicon Rd is dirt and pretty rugged we were lucky to be in a truck but not recommended for a nice car. We went from the trail head down to the bridge over the watering hole at Pilot Creek. Gorgeous! We all went for a swim and had some fun jumping in from the rocks just right of the falls. Easy on the way down. Took about 35-40 mins? There was lots of poison oak so I would recommend long lightweight pants and wash off animals if you brought any! Hike up back was about 60 - 70 minutes? definitely an ass kicker accurately described by reviews but again worth it!

Mon Jan 27 2014

Done this in January 2014, low water warm weather. Trail was fine and dry. It's 1.5 miles down from the trail head to the nevada point bridge. The elevation gain is a drop from 3000 to 1600 (1400 foot). Took us 3 hours total. Not sure why the info pane says 10.6 miles.

Sat May 18 2013

This trail was awesome!!! Its a real butt kicker on the way back as it is all uphill but worth it. You can leave your car right next to the trail head (I parked right on the shoulder and folded my mirrors). I would say its about a 2 mile descent to the rubicon river and once your there you will find a nice swimming hole and a few camp sites. There are two foot bridges, I was told at the Georgetown ranger station that when the Hell Hole dam broke back in 1966 it raised the rubicon river and washed out one of the footbridges. If you want to continue hiking to the connecting trails you will have to find a way across, the water is not deep. Bring bug spray not to get eaten alive.

11 months ago

Sun Oct 22 2017