7.2 miles
2,020 feet



nature trips


wild flowers

5 months ago

We reached the Munch Canyon trail via the Davy Brown campsite, which added ~1 mile on each way. The trail starts out beautifully and the views were amazing. However, when you get around 3 miles into the hike, the trail becomes really overgrown and is overgrown throughout the next ~3.5 miles. At times, I was skeptical that we were even on the trail because it had become so narrow and overgrown. At about 5 miles, we came across what looked like a rusted tractor and bed frames. We ended up taking a wrong turn and didn't realize it until we had gone about 0.3 miles out of the way. Definitely check a map when you get to this site because the Munch Canyon trail isn't marked. We haven't hiked extensively in Los Padres, so this might be common to those who have, but there was fresh mountain lion scat on parts of the trail, so be cautious around here. I also discovered a tick that had burrowed its head into my shoulder about an hour after we got off trail, so be sure to do a tick check after you hike around here. Overall, the views were amazing, but the trail conditions were less than amazing, and we both agreed that we probably wouldn't be back to this particular trail but we definitely will be back to Los Padres!