Mumford Bar Trail

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Mumford Bar Trail is a 12 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Foresthill, California that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

12.0 miles 5711 feet Out & Back

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Directions from I-80: Take the Foresthill exit and proceed 15.5 miles on Foresthill Road to the Foresthill Ranger Station. 17 miles beyond the Ranger Station you will see the trailhead sign on the left. To access the trail, there is a 5/8 of a mile long road, which starts out as a 2 wheel-drive road, but becomes a 4 wheel-drive road. 2 wheel-drive vehicles should park in the developed area on top.

5 months ago

I felt the trail was decently maintained up to the berry bushes next to the river. Lots of Bear traces(i.e. poop). My dogs and I enjoyed the river. Clean and refreshing. The hike up was difficult. Especially if you're trying to skate around the berry bushes. Best to just go back through them. Bring plenty of water and have a picnic down by the river. Please pick up after yourself. Did find some debris(very little).

horseback riding
8 months ago

Sad to hear the trail is in need of repair. This camp and trail was originally set up as a dry horse camp.....I used it allot 10+ years ago with my kids and horses. And we maintained as needed...The trail would be difficult on foot.... Straight down and straight back up, switch back style. You could go down and catch brook trout all day from the river.....The cabin is still there.. It was saved from the American fire of 2015......Will have to go check it out....Regardless, it is and will always be a beautiful area.

fly fishing
9 months ago

10 months ago

I hiked all the way to Mumford cabin. The overgrowth and amount of dead trees made it pretty difficult to walk on the path. We had a couple of injuries with my group because of the lack of maintenance.

11 months ago

Tiring hike both up and down. There are some great views, didn't make it to the cabin because the lack of a machete, but overall good weekend challenge.

1 year ago

The trail itself was nice, especially the fog that gave me the impression Big Foot was out there some where. The trail was being logged and I had to climb over a lot of downed trees. As you near the bottom there is tons of overgrowth and I did not make the cabin as I was in need of machete. Take care with the poison oak and briars. I used this hike to test my backpacking gear, which made it a strenuous hike, as the 4 mile ascension with 30lbs on my back was exhausting.

1 year ago

After 21 years on Bucket List and 72, this was worth it! Cabin in amazing shape. lots of debris but took machette and cut poison oak and briars at bottom. Great Lodge 2.6 mi away, Christmass Tree Vinyard Lodge.

1 year ago

Overgrown. Logging debris. Downhill/uphill. Not much level hiking. Hard for some but only on cardio. Poison oak. It had some great views and the morning fog was great. I would go again but I would bring a machete next time.

1 year ago

I'm not sure where the 3289 feet of elevation is. Both my GPS and topo maps tell me it's more like 2600'. Other reviews are accurate about the condition of the trail. It has a lot of overgrowth. I would also add that the trail has a lot of debris, sticks, loose rocks etc. that make the hike a lot more tiring than it should be for the distance and elevation gain. Once you get to the river, there is not much in the way of easy access. I only gave this hike 2 stars for these reasons. I can't see any compelling reason to go back to this trail again. By the way, the cabin is still there.

2 years ago

The trail isn't THAT bad, sure the whole area is burnt and covered in snags and parts of the trail are overgrown with thorn bushes, but as long as you wear long pants it's passable. It's pretty easy to follow, and most of the large trees across the trail seem to have been cut fairly recently, so they aren't much of a problem, it's really just the ~3 foot high brush up top, and a huge thicket of blackberries at the bottom that are like head-high and the trail just goes straight through them. The cabin is there, it looks to be in fine shape. One you're past that though the trail isn't in such good of shape, it starts getting covered in more brush and downed trees, I'm not sure if the whole American River Trail is like that but it was as far as I went - maybe a quarter-mile upriver. The river there is mostly gravel bars and not especially deep, but there are some swimming spots, and the whole area is pretty idyllic. Overall we thought it was about on par with Euchre Bar in terms of difficulty just because even though it's about a thousand feet higher, it's not usually as steep. It's a decent trail, just bring a machete or something and help out.

3 years ago

Forest Service needs to get their shit together. All of the trails in the area, including this one, are overgrown to shit. If you plan on doing this hike bring a machete because its thicker than Rosie O'donnel and you may as well book a flight to the amazon jungle because thats what it feels like you are hiking though. And just so everyone knows, the cabin is no longer there.

4 years ago

Over 30 switchbacks down to the river. Towards the bottom the trail is a bit over grown. Once at the bottom you can find small pools about a mile up river. I did see a lot of bear sign while hiking. Down takes about an hour and up about 2 hours. About 2500ft of elevation change in 4.5 miles. I will do it again.

5 years ago

A very pleasant reverse hike (down then back up) like most trips into the canyons. Excellent, well marked trail, only about 3.4 mi from the campground starting point. Beware poison oak about 1/4 mi above the river. Excellent campsites on the river.