Muir Beach to Point Bonita Lighthouse

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Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Muir Beach to Point Bonita Lighthouse is a 14.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sausalito, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 14.3 miles Elevation Gain: 3,671 feet Route Type: Out & Back






wild flowers


no dogs

A beautiful stretch of pristine California Coastland, this hike leads you along the bluffs of the Marin Headlands. The trail can be steep in sections, but the stunning views make it worthwhile. Start from the Muir Beach parking area and take the coastal trail south.

2 months ago

All in all, this was an incredible hike. Don't consider this hike if you have weak knees or anything else as it's not for the physically faint at heart. I experienced this hike on a Sunday during the Covid 19 self distancing measures put in place locally and globally. Ironically, many Bay Area residents had the same self distancing thoughts I did, so trail traffic was ironically very heavy. The only bad side to this hike was an experience with someone's vicious dog (the owner was even more aggressive!) that tried to maul me. As such, I will likely avoid areas of high dog/people traffic without some form of protection ( pepper spray or road flare will deter a dangerous dog or human)

3 months ago

Started from the Tenessee Valley parking lot up on Rubap, Miwork, Heather cut off, Muir beach, coastal trail, and back on TV trail. It was a beautiful day and the trails were in perfect condition.

7 months ago

Did the whole distance out to the light house. (15.5 out and back total) Steeper than anticipated at several points. I recorded total uphill just over 4000’. In decently good shape and still had to rest at some of the steeper hills. Make sure and take small detours to Pirate Cove (very steep but only 300’ off trail) and Hill 88 (about a quarter mile off. Abandoned Radar Station, great views and neat urban graffiti art, if that’s your thing. The lighthouse itself at Point Bonita is now only open Sunday and Monday from 1230pm to 330pm, so plan your arrival time around that if you want to see it. If it is closed, you will only get to a solid steel door and cannot even roam around the base with apparently all the best views. Was still an awesome hike though.

Great trail. We made it into two climbs per length and didn’t go all the way to the lighthouse. Instead, we found a bench overlooking to water to have lunch. Would definitely doo it again!

Fri May 03 2019

Epic hike slong ocean

Fri Apr 26 2019

Dogs are allowed. There were lots of them. Very uphill but great views and coming back is nice and downhill so it’s worth it.

Sun Mar 31 2019

A long hike that crosses several other entrances where big crowds are starting their short hike. Too crowded for my taste. Lots of coastal views though.

Fri Apr 20 2018

Muir Beach's trails are pretty epic. Drone footage that I took:

Mon Feb 12 2018

Beautiful hike with uninterrupted views on the coastline. Be prepared for changing weather (fog, cold winds...). Also, the lighthouse was opened to the public from 12:30, so a 9:30 start from Muir Beach is enough to arrive there just on time.

Tue Aug 29 2017

beautiful hike, gorgeous views of two beaches and rugged coastline. Great wildflowers in spring

Fri Aug 04 2017

Nice trail. Pretty hard with lots of steep ups and downs.

Fri Mar 03 2017


Sun Jan 15 2017

Beautiful coastal scenery. Love that it's dog friendly.

Sun Nov 15 2015

Very noce scenery. On Rodeo beach you experience the californian coast to the fullest. The lighthouse gives you amazing views of the ocean pounding the coastline. Easy hike

Mon Jul 14 2014

Perfect hike. Surf, lighthouse, wildflowers, visitor center.

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