Mount Tam via Collier Trail

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Mount Tam via Collier Trail is a 12.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near San Anselmo, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

12.4 miles
2,788 feet



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Once you arrive at Lake Lagunitas, go to the right side of the lake and pick up the trail just over a small bridge past the picnic area. Once you're headed around the lake, look to the right after the second creek. Don't be fooled by a unmarked trailhead at the first creek, you will also see a sign for Collier Spring Trail. The trail is steep and narrow, but a lot of fun. There are several places where you will need to grab onto rocks with your hands to keep going. Once you arrive at Collier Spring (Clearly marked) you have a couple choices in routes. You can keep going straight up to the Pantoll Road, then pick up Internal trail that turns into Middle Peak Road that then leads to the East peak parking lot, or you can stretch it out a bit and pick up Northside Trail from Collier Springs that leads to Inspiration point. From Inspiration Point, you can take Eldridge Grade up to the East peak parking lot.

5 days ago

great hike. was a hot day but most of the trail is covered with few uncovered. the park can be closed in the morning and would need to park a mile away on the streets. the redwood trees at the base is a well come change up other hikes. we did the reverse hike- going up anticlockwise. turned out to be a good s decision since the hike down in Collier spring trail is steep and treacherous. the hike up is not extremely steep but it is relentless. the view from the top is well worth it. in summer months carry lots of water, you will need it. hike up is easier compared to way down. trail down is damaged by spring run off and is very slippery due to soft gravel. encountered a swarm of bees and got stung too. so watch for unexpected company. overall rewarding and similar to Mt. Diablo hike.

3 months ago

Did it in reverse and glad I did. Was steep going down so I can only imagine what it was going up. Pretty lush right now. But lots of ticks. Be sure to check yourself and your animals.

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