Moro Rock Trail

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Moro Rock Trail is a 0.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Sequoia National Park, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from February until November.

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Moro Rock Trail in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park scales a granite dome via a steep 1/4-mile staircase to the summit offering a spectacular view of the Great Western Divide and the western half of the park. The parking area for Moro Rock is 2 miles from the village. A steep 1/4 mile staircase climbs over 300' to the summit of a granite dome, offering spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park and the Great Western Divide. This chain of mountains runs north/south through the center of Sequoia National Park, "dividing" the watersheds of the Kaweah River to the west and the Kern River to the east. Moro Rock is a dome-shaped granite monolith. Common in the Sierra Nevada, these domes form by exfoliation - casting off in scales, plates, or sheets of rock layers on otherwise unjointed granite. Outward expansion of the granite causes the exfoliation. Expansion results from load relief: when the overburden that once capped the granite has eroded away, the source of compression is removed, and the granite slowly expands. Fractures that form during exfoliation tend to cut corners. This ultimately results in rounded, dome-like forms.

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Fun little diversion for an hour. You drive to a parking lot below the rock. Popular and a bit crowded when we were there around 10am on a weekday. Fun climb to the top with nice views. Check out the "Hanging Rock" trail a little bit up the road; you'll get a nice view of Moro Rock from a distance with all the people on top. Do it so you could say you did it.

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one of the best views iv ever seen!

7 days ago

Short hike up stairs with an awesome view! You can see for miles. Definitely recommend!

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Kurz, nicht zu anstrengend. Etwas überlaufen.

15 days ago

Great hike with amazing views. Crowded but not overwhelming during the week.

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What an amazing experience.. doing this trail right when the sun comes up, before anyone else is awake made this one for the books... peaceful, and good for the soul

24 days ago

Big tourist attraction. Its more of a climb of about 400 steps versus a hike. You can park by the museum and hike there. The views are amazing at the top!

26 days ago

Easy access to trail head via bus or personal vehicle. The trail seem difficult because of the initial climb, but it is easy to reach the top. Best view of the entire valley.

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Nice hike, especially to avoid taking the bus. Definitely take the short hanging rock trail

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It's not exactly a hike as much as it is a walk up a couple hundred stairs. The view is terrific the entire way up, but all the rails on the top ruined it for me personally. This is a super-safe tourist walk for mostly non-hikers. Expect a big crowd, but it's still a nice view and a good way to spend 20-30 minutes.

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Even though it's short, the trail is mostly made of steps and quite narrow, requiring coordination with the people coming down to pass by one another. The journey to the top was incredibly rewarding and allows a stunning view of the entire park. Additionally, there is the added enjoyment of a shared group experience with everyone else who made it to the top.