Morena Butte Trail and Pacific Crest Trail Loop

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Morena Butte Trail and Pacific Crest Trail Loop is a 8.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Campo, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from April until September.

8.5 miles
1,594 feet



nature trips



wild flowers

3 months ago

Great place to hike!

3 months ago

This hike has some great views but it is not easy! Bring plenty of water but travel light, it’s a long one. I went counter clockwise around the trail, almost missed an arrow made of stones pointing me towards the trail at one point in the left so keep your eyes peeled. Once we made it around the base of the mountain, overlooking the dam, it got pretty unclear where the trail was, but look for the big steel cables and follow that up the side and you’ll find the trail again. Once you’re at the top it’s kind of a free for all since it’s basically just rock and nothing obstructing your path. Enjoy the views!

4 months ago

Attempted the loop clockwise, starting down the PCT and then up to the summit. Lots of cairns to help navigate, mostly definitive trail up to the top. Totally epic summit, like walking across a massive rock floor. We trekked north and tried to join the trail that goes down the north side of the mountain down to the lake, but got super lost in a very brushy area. We bushwhacked around and referenced the GPS, but just couldn’t manage to piece it together. We ended up backpedaling and went back to the trailhead the same way we came up. I plan to go back and try to do the loop counterclockwise from the lake road. Highly recommend this hike, very long and grueling journey, but the peak is worth it.

6 months ago

Great trail going up to the butte. Well maintained since it is part of the PCT. great views from top of the butte. You can spend hours scrambling around rocks and peaks. However, it is pretty easy to get lost up there. Thank to those whole pile rocks on top of each other to mark the trail. The back side of the loop is crazy intense because it is hard to find the trail. At one point the trail will take you down through a steep side of the mountain that it is so crazy sketchy but, satisfying when it is done. After that, is easier to navigate. But, will recommend going up and down through the PCT. much better. Great hike. Do recommend. Best is you have company to help navigate. Thank you for the gps tracking on this app. I sure used it a lot up there.

8 months ago

9 months ago