Mills Peak Trail is a 13.8 mile out and back trail located near Graeagle, California that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and offers a number of activity options.

13.8 miles
2,634 feet
Out & Back



mountain biking

nature trips

trail running




2 months ago

If you are looking for a well spent day of hiking. This is a good one. Started at parking lot on 89 where th starts and the ba mountain bikers start then end up. It is a nice well used trail with many different terrains. When you hike this to the lookout tower it is rewarding. I did take the access road on the way back from the large clearing on the top end, then to Mills Peak Road then back to original trail head on 89. Only to save on the feet. This is a long hike and took roughly 6 hours hiking at a fast steady pace. Bicycling this trail is definitely the way to go. Guess a trail bike purchase is soon in my future. Since I could see the downhill thrill of this trail.

3 months ago

This trail is definitely not "moderate." There is a decent amount of chunky climbing up to where you can split left and take the fire road (also steep and tough) or turn right to stay on the trail.

We took the fire road thanks to a heads up from another rider. The fireroad will reconnect you to the singletrack (there is a bench), but you will soon start climbing up against some gnarly terrain and all of the downhill shuttle riders .

We decided to jump on the single track and head down (so we climbed about 3 miles). The downhill was super super chunky at the top, loose, and some tight turns. (I'm thankful we didn't climb up that!) The lower portion of the trail has some awesome flow and berms and is great fun.

I just would not recommend this trail to a beginner... strong intermediate riders and above will enjoy the shredding

3 months ago

Awesome technical and flowy trail! Great views too! A must ride.