Mentryville: Pico Canyon Trail

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Mentryville: Pico Canyon Trail is a 6.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Stevenson Ranch, California that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 6.8 miles Elevation Gain: 1,272 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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1 month ago

This is an amazing trail, but it takes a while to get into it. At first, you will be at an old oil boom town. The route starts off gradually on a hardball road, which gradually turns into a dirt road. However, you don't really get to the serious uphill stuff until about 1.5 miles in. There are several old oil rigs and abandoned equipment, as well as old oil pipes to look at as you go up the switchbacks. The trail is less heavily trafficked than others in the area due to its somewhat remote location. Little of no cell phone service in the area, so be careful and have an alternate comms plan going up. Also, there is a significant amount of wildlife on the trail. I saw a snake and a cougar on my first trip up! Lots of fun! For a full review, please view this link on my YouTube channel!

1 month ago

This is a fun trail with some historical significance (if you stop at the national landmark site just before gets steep, the first commercial oil well in California).

Great moderate hike.

no shade
4 months ago

So it’s pretty well maintained with mostly pavement til you get to the incline. No hiking shoes necessary. Good for trail runners or bikers. Past the trail end there is a narrow path that continues on the spines. Not sure where it leads to so use caution.

Wide trail. Very quiet. I think the views would be great, but completely shocked in with fog this morning.

9 months ago

Mostly black top/fire road, but still a great hike. Very quiet, good workout and excellent views. I made it a loop to get off the asphalt . Loved the historical town and remnants throughout the mountain.

10 months ago

Very nice hike. Has some great hiking adventures for all hiking levels. The museum buildings are amazing to see. Right now it has a little water.

11 months ago

The 7 mile out and back/lollipop hike with a 3 mile extended bonus.

Sat Jan 19 2019

Mon Nov 19 2018

Went in the morning and there was no one else on the trail. The paved portion up to the oil well was through a beautiful wooded canyon, the trail gets steeper after that but the views are incredible. Will definitely do it again! Ps don’t forget $5 for parking, cash only!

Mon Oct 22 2018

good hike not to bad..

Tue Jul 24 2018

Nice trail! Went uphill but not too steep. Was a good workout and no one was on the trail. We arrived at 7 and were done by 9:15! Nice views of Santa Clarita valley. I suggest bringing bug spray!

Mon Mar 26 2018

Nice little hike on a paved road and old road grade through historic Mentryville and past the first commercial oil well in California, the birthplace of modern Chevron. Great views of Pico Canyon, Oat Mountain, Castaic, and what will become the Newhall Ranch development.

Sun Mar 25 2018

Great trail to go on with kids. We printed out directions because it was kind of confusing whether to stay on road or veer off to a side trail. Stay on the road for the main Mentryville trail. Great picnicking area the kids ate at. Will have to look up where the side trail over the bridge leads too. Great parking- free outside gate, $5 inside. Not a high traffic area with hikers, but a lot of bikers. We will definitely do again and try to make all the way up the peak next time.

Wed Mar 07 2018

Good strenuous hike the first 2miles then you walk along the crest of the mountain. if time alotted, would have kept going but had an appt to keep. Will have to go back.

Sun Feb 25 2018

Easy Hike. Fire-roads the Thank entire trail (paved and unpacked). Beautiful views!

Thu Nov 02 2017

If you'd like some extra mileage, park your car outside the main gate and walk to central Mentryville before continuing on up the trail.

Wed Sep 20 2017

Easy walk, lots of trees. Beautiful and hardly anyone there during the week.

Wed Sep 13 2017

Parking is 5$, payable in cash, apart from that, absolutely brilliant hike.

Sat Jun 17 2017

great hike for a newbie like myself. Did it alone early in the morning and was happy to have the trail almost all to myself. up hill the whole first half. lots of wildlife and birds.

Thu Jun 15 2017

I did this trail on a Tuesday afternoon. It was clear sunny skies in the mid 80's. I passed a handful of people in the first mile or so. But once I started going deeper up the trail I only passed 1 bicyclist. There's a short offshoot trail about half a mile in, that's a nice dirt path and a bunch of small wooden bridges over a stream bed. At the end of it you can climb straight up the side of the mountain for 100 feet but you'll have to get your hands dirty. I did this and it kicked my ass. I had to rest for 10 minutes at the top before coming back down and continuing back up the main trail. Including this smaller trail my Apple watch says I exerted 927 calories to complete exactly 8 miles of hiking while climbing 15,39 feet. It took me just under 3 hours to complete. Great views of Santa Clarita valley all along the last mile of hiking. I completed the hike without bringing any water, but I would recommend bringing some. First half of the hike is a newly paved road with a slight incline. Once you make that first sharp "U" at the western most point you start going up a steeper incline on a semi paved road that's probably seen north of 50 winters since it was last maintained.

Tue Apr 04 2017

Good workout. Great history and such. Much more challenging once blacktop ends. Best cooler weather or morning hike. Not much shade upper part.

Mon Feb 27 2017

Nice fire road trail where you can walk and talk, while enjoying the scenery.

Tue Feb 21 2017

Interesting hike lots to see but all road walking

Mon Nov 21 2016

Decent hike. Would prefer there be no pavement but it was still nice once you started up the mountain. Great for cooler weather. Hiked to the picnic bench at the top and ran it all the way back. Great views.

Wed Sep 21 2016

Great place to run!

Mon Sep 05 2016

Excellent walk, don't be deceived by the easy asphalt walking, it gets more difficult. Great to be out in the open air

Sat Jul 02 2016

Nice, mostly paved trail near my home. I've hiked and biked this several times. My dogs love it, too. Interesting history including several old buildings and the site of the first commercial oil well in California. Consider adding to your hike (and save a few dollars on parking) by parking outside the park. Watch for rattlesnakes and coyotes...I have encountered both in this area.

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