Lower Doane and Weir Trail Loop and Doane Pond

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Doane Valley Natural Preserve

Lower Doane and Weir Trail Loop and Doane Pond is a 2.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Aguanga, California that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 2.7 miles Elevation Gain: 288 feet Route Type: Loop

kid friendly


nature trips






wild flowers

no dogs

This easy trail offers you an opportunity to relax and enjoy one of California's finest natural outdoor areas. The Doane Valley Nature Trail is a great place to see the wide variety of plants that grow in this region and to learn about their characteristics, their habitats, and the many ways they have been used by people over time. Most of the trail is an easy walk. However, there are two stream crossings and a few steep areas. Remember to be safe, and leave any plants or animals you see for the next person to enjoy.

1 month ago

Weir trails leads to a historic site (the weir) which was used to test if the creek was capable of generatinting hydroelectricity. Very beautiful scenery all around.

6 months ago

Beautiful and peaceful. Perfect for families

Super pretty, very easy and low elevation changes. Just over one hour walking casually.

With Marty... Perla's first hike!

Sat Jan 12 2019

Hike is beautiful and easy. Pretty well traveled trail and the lake where you fish is crowded, but all in all still a beautiful walk. Not dog friendly

Mon Oct 22 2018

Beautiful in the fall. Great trek for a 5 year old as well.

Fri Aug 17 2018

A very nice trail for a warmer day, as most of the trail is in the shade and much of it is parallel to a stream.

Sat Jun 09 2018

Gorgeous trail and gorgeous day! Did the entire loop and pond. So many wildflowers and birds. Hardly anyone else around. Loved every minute!

Mon May 28 2018

It’s soooooooo beautiful. You get a peace of mind and feel so relaxed once you leave. Go around January and you might catch yourself being surrounded by all the lady bugs !!!!!!! You’ll catch a lot of blue jays too depends if you go around morning, early afternoon. Maybe even deer around sunset time. But it’s wonderful highly recommend it !!! You’ll really enjoy it !

Wed Mar 28 2018

Loved it! There are so many trails to follow! It’s beautiful and my youngster didn’t complain much. We did a small loop to try it out with the app. We will come back and explore the rest of the trails.

Fri Feb 02 2018

Great hike. The weir house was absolutely amazing, be careful on the rocks at the house, they are extremely slippery.

Wed Dec 06 2017

Lovely! You see the valley, cedar trees, creek, and wild life. Relatively quiet trail. Very easy to do with a baby in a carrier. You do need to cross the creek at one point on stones, but it’s very easy and most times of the year the water level is very low.

Sun Dec 03 2017

easy, nice.

Sat Sep 16 2017

Short but beautiful

Fri Aug 18 2017

FYI This is in the State Park which charges $10 for day use. The trails were a wee bit confusing but we're new to this so it was probably user error. Pretty, shady, and tranquil on the "tree" side, but a bit warm on the "meadow" side. We saw wild turkeys which was a real treat! Went to the observatory after. It's only 5 miles. It's a must see!

Thu Jun 22 2017

This park is absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of gorgeous hiking options and a campground. However, I can't write a review without mentioning the fact that, at the time of my visit, in late June, the sheer number of flies in the area made the hike absolutely unbearable. I could've hiked this beautiful place for hours but left after one. I have never seen anything like it. I will definitely be back once I know they are gone.

Mon May 15 2017

Nice little trail. I did it with my family. A 14 year old daughter. Wasn't too hard and had some nice views. Not much elevation. If you're looking for an easier hike that most everyone can do this is it.

Tue Mar 07 2017

Beautiful! Little maneuvering off road, but the trail heads are conveniently placed.

Wed Feb 08 2017

Beautiful hike. Started from the Doane Valley campground and hiked out to the Weir, then finished this trail. Sun was shining, ran into some downed trees from recent storms, and some snow. Couldn't have asked for a better hike!

Mon Dec 12 2016

The woodsy part of the trail was okay, but the open areas were better. Lots of huge, tall trees and easy hiking. Worked out best for the final hike of the day.

Sun Sep 11 2016

A very easy trail with lots of photo opportunities. I recommend adding the French Valley Trail into the loop if you want a little longer route.

Wed Sep 07 2016

This was a beautiful trail! Heavily wooded and shaded, with a big meadow right in the middle. Some of the trees were absolutely massive, quite obviously very old. Saw tons of birds. Only a couple other people on the trail, too. Really felt like we were in nature. The drive up from San Diego was scenic in its own right -- you get extremely high elevation getting here. Perfect hike to kick off the fall season.

Fri May 20 2016

Nice quick trail. Beautiful views!

Mon Feb 29 2016

A great family hike to an awesome lunch spot. The hike along the Weir Trail is such a departure from the normal SOCAL hike - tall pines and old oaks give such a sense of peace and tranquility. Loved this hike. And the pond at the end is a great lunch location to allow for exploration and rest.

Mon Apr 20 2015

Seven Pines Trail Head to Mt. San Jacinto Peak, Possible the most awesome hike in the state. When I Hiked Marion Mountain trail to the peak of San Jacinto last year, I noticed in the valley below, was a trail of which I had not heard about. In the last 10 years I had been up that mountain everyother route some of them multiple times. So, I wanted to go up a new way, to, check it off my list. I could not find any useful info on alltrails.com, I could find litttle on the internet. One comment, reported there are many trees down and the trail is a little hard to find. That was an understatement, the first 3.8 miles are isolated, beautiful and rugged. Take this trail if you want to see nature pines, firs oaks, manzanita, creeks and rivers. But only go if you are in shape and have a great trail sense.

Mon Dec 02 2013

This is a fairly easy trail and great for families with children. A flat surface hike 99% of the way with beautiful views! This trail connects to many other trails as well.

Thu Jun 20 2013

Sun Nov 25 2012

A really nice hike that culminates with a small weir/dam that pools the gentle stream that flows through the valley.

ohv/off road driving
2 months ago

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