Los Pinos Peak (South Approach)

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Los Pinos Peak (South Approach) is a 13.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Trabuco Canyon, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 13.2 miles Elevation Gain: 4,753 feet Route Type: Out & Back


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Difficult both in grade and trail condition. The trail narrows considerably and becomes overgrown after about a mile, which makes it pretty difficult to navigate. Note: The Lazy W Camp Office sells day passes for $5.

over grown
washed out
7 months ago

trail hasn't been maintained. it's in terrible shape. i finally turned back.

Sat Oct 06 2018

Difficult but manageable, expect a lot of incline it’s all incline right when you start at the trail head, the incline gets harder and harder the more in you go but you get a break every once in a while, the trail get more narrow about 2 miles in and make sure you pay attention and I would highly suggest this app be on use the map because you can easily get put on the wrong path, just a heads up the trail is “closed” due to the fires so hike at your own risk, when you almost to the peak probably make a mile left to go your ping to be right in the middle of the burnt after math of the fires

Mon Nov 13 2017

Difficult both in grade and trail condition. The trail narrows considerably and becomes overgrown after about a mile, which makes it pretty difficult to navigate. The shrubbery encroaching on the trail wasn't very fun, and combined with loose scree and shale as well as a relatively steep incline in many places, it wasn't very friendly to hikers. I was 3.5 miles in after about 1.5 hours of hiking, and decided to turn around, so I can't comment on the rest of the trail. Side note: The Lazy W Camp Office sells day passes for $5.

Fri Mar 17 2017

Decent, didn't see another soul the whole time

Wed Jan 25 2017

Fire road for most of the way until about the last mile or mile and a half. You will notice the peak off to the left of the trail by seeing a cluster of rocks that you haven't seen along the way. That day I went was pretty clear (12/26/2016) I was able to see Mt. Baldy & Catalina in the distance.

Tue Nov 01 2016

Hard. Trail was washed out in several places and made it difficult to go up. Ended up coming back down via Ortega highway.

Sat May 21 2016

Lots of incline and great views. Bring plenty of water and snacks for energy. The start of the trail runs through the Lazy W ranch but they are pretty lenient on hikers going through there. Just be sure to call them and get their permission just to be safe.

Mon May 26 2014

This trail is incredibly difficult. There are a few switchbacks at the start but afterward it is nearly straight up to each peak and then straight down. Very rocky surface in numerous locations. We went on an overcast May day and were in the clouds nearly all day but still sweating profusely. It would be a brutal summer hike. Be prepared for a butt kicker.

Tue May 28 2013

Great hike , bring lots of water! And go early. Trails can be narrow and rough making you feel being in complete wilderness . Love the remoteness. Once you get to the base of the sugar loaf peak , takes a while to find an open trail through the bushes ( machetes a great help) and a little rock scrambling , a sweet chimney to climb and then the magnificent view on top. so well worth it. Make sure you sign the recorder hidden under the boulder on top. Would do this trail in Cooler weather most definitely .

Mon Apr 22 2013

Very difficult hike. Go early as it takes a long time. Remember that it is not just a summit hike in that you go up and come back down. There is a lot of up and over hills, the elevation gained is from the descent as well as the ascent. Bring enough water! It is hot in the summer months, fun to hike in the rain though.

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