29.4 miles
5423 feet
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off road driving
1 month ago

first time I did this trail I had a blast. second time I did this was a 10pm night run. it's long, it will take you a solid 2-3 hours depending how your rig is and how confident you are. 95% of it is easy, but the 5% will put any Toyota to its test if you choose the hard lines. I took it all with ease in my jeep wrangler. any stock jeep can do this trail easily, no lockers needed. towards the end of trail into camp ground, it looks intimidating for a first time experience, but all the rocks are solid in place and make for easy crawling through. none lifted Toyotas will have a bit of challenge but hey, get out and lay down a rock to make some stepping stones.. but try to kick them out after so the jeep guys can still enjoy the technical fun stuff :)