3.7 miles
846 feet


horseback riding

trail running



no dogs

1 month ago

This was a great hike but boy, oh, boy was it stressful. We were planning on hiking to Dog and Lembert Domes then continuing on to Dog Lake. We kept looking for a left turn onto the dimes but never saw it and eventually realized that we were heading to Dog Lake. We were hoping to just find the domes on our way back but just couldn’t find the trail, as the trail signs were a bit confusing. It turns out that we began at a different trailhead than the books, guides, and apps instruct, so we went back to the highway and went about a mile north to the correct trailhead from which we made it to Dog and Lembert Domes.

The entire hike wasn’t too bad. We definitely needed to take a few breaks because of the altitude and elevation gain, but the views from the top were well worth it! I think that this would be a great alternative (or addition) to Half Dome if you’re unable to get a permit but still want 360 views.