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Monday, October 24, 2016

I did this hike by mistake with my son and his best friend. They were 13-14 at the time. We took a hiking trip to Yosemite for the week and I had never hiked anything there but Vernal Falls and it was before everyone had the internet... The plan was to do 2-4 hour hikes in the morning and afternoon. The 1st night we stayed outside the valley and broke camp to do Vernal. We got there and everyone was game to do Nevada. We got there and decided to go to Half Dome. Keep in mind that we weren't prepared and each of us had a water bottle and a candy bar or a small package of trail mix. When we got to the fork at Half Dome Trail I decided that maybe it was too much on their legs and talked to a very uninformed trail worker who said the shuttle ran to Tenaya Lake and the trail wasn't that bad so I decide as the irresponsible father that would be easier on their legs than going back down the falls trail. The hike from Half Dome fork to Tenaya was one of the toughest I've ever done. It was awesomely beautiful and the only one day hike I've ever done to date that compares to Half Dome itself. The entire hike took from about 10 am to a tad after dark and it was done on a day when it was drizzling much of the time and of course we weren't expecting that in late summer. We were really fortunate that a shuttle bus driver was actually taking a bus back to the valley that night and did us a favor and also that the creeks were clean enough that we didn't get Giardia. When we got back I gave the boys the choice to find a camp spot, a motel outside the park or drive 4 hours home. I drove home that night..... My son's best friend became one of my best hiking buddies and has done many hikes and adventures with me including Half Dome as well as the Grand Canyon a couple of times. He and his wife are going to do the Rogue River Trail with me in the spring. And we both want to go back and do this hike again just to see if it was as hard as we thought at the time.