Indian Truck Trail [CLOSED]

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Cleveland National Forest

Indian Truck Trail [CLOSED] is a 23.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Corona, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 23.9 miles Elevation Gain: 5,091 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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Please note: this trail is closed indefinitely due to the Holy Fire. Updates:

5 months ago

Per the forest service, this trail will be closed until September 2020.

washed out
Sun Jan 27 2019

So, there’s still a closed notice at the bottom, but a few people hiking the lower portion of the road below the gate. The road is in decent condition until you hit tree line; that’s when it gets a little sketchy, still passable on foot though. Road cleans up again past the upper gate at Main Divide, then it’s clear to the top. Fire was devastating, but there are still some groves that were spared and some shrub stumps are already sprouting new growth. I hope they open the road to hikers again soon, but it could be years before it’s opened to vehicles. It would even take a pretty bold dirt bike driver to make it through some of the washouts. There’s still loose rock above the road as well; one small rock fell from above as I crossed one.

Thu Dec 27 2018

Took a pic of the sign...says it’s closed but there have been a lot of cars going through so my bf and I walked a bit of it...has the sign, no gate type thing to block it off. Just a lot of dead plants bc of the fire

ohv/off road driving
Thu Sep 27 2018

According to Cleveland National Forest website the trail is closed indefinitely due to the Holy Fire. Fun trail when it’s open. Hopefully they at least open North Main Divide so access to Santiago Peak is available again.

Sat Sep 08 2018

Is it open yet

ohv/off road driving
Tue Sep 04 2018

Trail still closed

Tue Aug 28 2018

fantastic trail but currently closed due to wildfires.

ohv/off road driving
Mon Jul 30 2018

Fun trail. We took Indian Truck Trail and went right at the main divide up to Santiago Peak. Trail was easy in our stock Rubicon with about three rocky parts with erosion ruts but they were fun. Highly recommend for an afternoon that is close to home. Took us about three hours round trip.

ohv/off road driving
Tue Jun 12 2018

Fantastic off road adventure with lots of Geocaches along the route. We took a slightly different path and took a left at Main Divide and went back to Lake Elsinore area. High clearance is a must on this route, and 4x4 is highly recommended. Mostly it's dry but there are a lot of rocks (some medium to large, at least on the route we took) and larger ruts. All in all, it was awesome and had a georgous section through the trees.

ohv/off road driving
Mon May 28 2018

Went today in my ford ranger 2wd. Very easy trail and the scenery was nice throughout the entire run. Especially like it towards the middle where the pine trees cover you on both sides

ohv/off road driving
Sun May 27 2018

Easy fun trail with awesome views. 4wd recommended. Please don’t litter and watch for hikers.

ohv/off road driving
Sun May 13 2018

Indian truck trail is one of our favorite close to home trails. Nice, easy trail for beginners. Connects with the main divide, and once you get to the top you can go left to Santiago peak and follow it down into Orange County or go right and head into Silverado Canyon. The view from the top is amazing!

Thu May 10 2018

this is a very steep long trail. nice views. Just make sure you go on a cool day. not much shade. But the views are worth it !

Sun Apr 29 2018

The trailhead is in a new residential area. A small amount of trash is present. It looks like people sometimes dump here. A mile in there is a church retreat. It’s a nice quiet area to have one. The first four miles the trail is dry and dusty. This is where it’s not to fun when the off-road vehicles pass. The day I was on the trail there were not too many. I saw a couple of hikers, a guy on mountain bike, Motorcycle and Jeeps. A little of everything. Once you get four miles the scenery changes. It gets a lot greener. Many more tall trees. The trail is softer from leafs and pine needles. The temperature is much cooler. The view was amazing. It felt like I was in a different place. I was surprised to find it like this. I had started my run late and could only put in seven miles to the saddle. From there I could make out the ocean through the haze. On a clear day this would be a cool place to come. From here the trail splits. To the left is Trabuco Peak and Santiago to the right. I hope to come back and run to Trabuco. It’s 11.5 miles to the peak for a total of 23 miles. I’ll need to bring a pack with more water, food and safety gear.

Sat Apr 28 2018

took my stock 2wd s10 up to the peak and back down had no problems getting up there pretty easy trail has some nice view points.

ohv/off road driving
Thu Apr 19 2018

Took my Cherokee (Catalina) enjoyed this trail it was pretty easy trail nothing out of this world just a nice trail been to hard ones but I liked this one to come back again ...

Wed Mar 07 2018

I've done this hike several times up til it meets with Main Divide and gone to the peak once several years ago. My rating might be a little harsh but I like greenery on hikes which is hard in southern california. Its a fire access road so it impossible to get lost. Never gets to steep unless you take the shortcut switchbacks a little before the peak, which we took when we went to the peak. I wouldn't recommend the shortcut. Not worth the "saved time" when you have to stop every so often to catch your breath. On the way up you walk by what looks like a Korean Church retreat camp. Have seen some guys praying and wailing while I was hiking before. Then as you get further, you start to see Lake Matthews across the 15 and the view keeps getting better the higher you get. As you keep going trees start appearing and they get bigger and bigger, easy to forget you're in the heart of socal. There are people off-roading so look out for that. Haven't run into any idiots driving recklessly thus far. Friend stepped right over a rattlesnake and only noticed at the last second luckily so definitely keep your eyes peeled and be mindful where you step. No water sources so bring enough water for the whole hike, especially on those hot summer days

ohv/off road driving
Sun Mar 04 2018

Pretty easy trail. Nice for beginners or stock vehicles. Went up on a Sat, and only accessed the lower part of the trail, gate was closed to upper trail. Probably will have it back open after rain.

ohv/off road driving
Mon Feb 26 2018

Took my 4x4 Jeep Patriot out on a spur of the moment adventure. Found out about trail on this app. Not really much else to say that the others haven’t already said. I would say trail is closer to easy than moderate difficulty for off roading. Mostly packed sand, single lane road. Several look out points, and other adventure seekers on foot, dirt bikes, and in Jeep’s. It is a longer trail, take snacks and drinks to fully enjoy the entire trail and allow at least 3-4 hours. If you are surprised by bugs in a forest, I don’t really know what to say

ohv/off road driving
Mon Feb 19 2018

Went with Funshine Jeep Girls and we had a blast. Slow and easy to the top...15 Jeeps made for a long but rewarding day! Be careful as lots of hikers (very nice) and bikers and motorcycles also share the road. Had a potluck and enjoys the views! Incredible to see so much greenery and lushness! Road balances on pretty much mountain top, which is cool to see from up top. Some very silty parts, few rocky parts...overall fairly easy road to traverse. Would love to do this one again, but stop and take more scenic pics! INCREDIBLE VIEWS!

Fri Feb 16 2018

love this trail, especially on a weekday when it isn't as busy. **Bring lots of water and snacks, hat & sunblock also advised.** The first 3 miles are lots of full sun with a healthy incline (from 1100 ft to 3100 ft), with tons of switchbacks. The trail starts next to a newer housing development, and goes about 3/4 miles up between farms and a retreat. Then begins the beautiful chaparral forest with great views of the canyon below. About 1 mile up you can begin to see the top of Big Bear and Idyllwild mountain. The middle 4 miles go through beautiful pine forest. Nice and shady, but lots of gnats on warmer days. At about mile 7.5 you will reach the top gate where it T's with North Main Divide. Here you can see Catalina on a clear day. Turning right will take you to the peak/ Holy Jim Trail. The last 3 or so miles is lots of sun, and some oak forest (about 1/4th of the remaining trail.) the peak has great views on a clear day but isn't spectacularly beautiful itself. 9.5 hours round trip, walking ~ 2.8 mph with a lunch break. (your booty will hate you tomorrow.)

ohv/off road driving
Sat Jan 27 2018

Great trail, first adventure in my recently acquired 4x4 toy. The road was n good condition, scenery was nice. Great views from the top. We could see the ocean and Catalina island. It was a beautiful day for an adventure.

ohv/off road driving
Thu Jan 25 2018

Pretty easy trail, great views. Watch for mountain bikers dirt bikes and other vehicles since most of it is only wide enough for a single vehicle.

Wed Jan 24 2018

Nice road only a few difficult areas but beautiful scenery. Will do it again

Mon Jan 22 2018

gate was closed about 2 miles up.

ohv/off road driving
Fri Jan 05 2018

Absolutely beautiful! Very scenic, I left early morning to try to catch the sunrise but didn't realize that the trail would take 2 hours long to reach the very top. But throughout the ride, I just had to stop and admire the forest. I would consider the trail to be easy to moderate level

ohv/off road driving
Tue Jan 02 2018

We only did a few miles of this - didn't pay close attention that this road is 11.5 MILES, so only did a few, but the views were nice. It was our first off road trip with a new Crosstrek, and it did fine.

Mon Nov 06 2017

Took Silverado Trail up and Indian Truck Trail down. This trail is pretty basic and could be done in many stock 4wds or even a 2wd with good tires. No need to air down. 4wd not necessary to get up but having 4L is nice for the descent. There are some steep enough sections that, without it, even in 1st gear, you'll use your brakes a ton. Silverado Trail is more challenging and as of Fall 2017 has some deep enough ruts that, if you choose to, you can test out your diff lockers and other off-road features. Views from the top are great.

ohv/off road driving
Mon Oct 23 2017

My 1st time on this trail it's very nice and not boring , no need for 4x4 unless it's raining I guess, it's always open no need for permits and there is no gate at the staring but there's few gates up after like 10 miles but I don't thing they close it , there's a lot of spots to stop for views, and also the nice thing that you can take different trail down you don't need to go down in same one, better to deflate tire pressure to like 15 or 20 psi cuz some parts of the trail has small rocks , when I reached the towers I was planning to chill there for a little bit having lunch there's very nice spots you can sit and chill but the annoying thing that it was full of flys and insects and small spiders everywhere I don't know if it's always like that, I'm sure I'm gonna drive this trail again in winter it should be awesome at that time especially when you reach the top.

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