16.3 miles
2,224 feet






washed out

no shade

6 months ago

Now Please understand I am VERY!!! Old Fashion and I dont like or enjoy technology when Im In the Wilderness/Desert/Forest/Mountains so GPS's and or Phones stay in my car so I did the best I could by drawing this Trail for you but If you go to the Ranger station they will tell you that this is an unmarked trail because of the years of wash and very few folks ever find it . BUT!!! I ASSURE YOU IT IS THERE GOOGLE IT IF YOU LIKE. It is an old Indian Trail that even the Spanish used when they were moving across the West in search of Power and Gold as well as the Gold Miners of 49 they used it to get through the Mountains (This is How I know about it and went looking for it) You will experience everything Death Valley has to offer if you attempt this .Rock,Canyons,Sand, Salt ,Alittle Climbing, Very Dry and No Shade.They say there's water but NOTE!!!the ranger said its there sometimes but very rare. I was out there for 3 days and only saw 1 puddle that had maybe 1 gal in it and at that it was full of rabbit poop but I used it ( ALWAYS take a filter!!!!) There is a small stream called Poison Spring the water is brown and very bitter but with a filter can be drank(per the Ranger) I never found it, I dont know how I passed it ??. The spot to locate your starting Point is North of Furnace Creek at Mile Marker 104 just South of Beatty Junction. Park at Mile Marker 104 on the side of the road (if you are going North from Furnace Creek and the Ranger Welcome Center Marker 104 will be on your RIGHT SIDE down a few miles. from there look to your EAST( the side you are parked on,The salt flat is on your left) you will see 3 Brown hills (If you choose google earth it) you will see a small hill then the other 2 to the north. I went into the right of the small hill(note my picture) I heard there was an Old Gold Miners Wagon Trail that headed East of that hill from behind it and YES IT IS STILL THERE ! The wagon wheel marks have stood the test of time and wind absolutely AMAZING!!!! From there I followed the wagon trail until it was gone from the wash I climbed the highest point and looked across to find my very faint trail which is Indian Pass Trail you can see it from your high point to the North East corner at the base of the Mountains the Trail is there you"ll see it (google earth it if you choose) . Follow that trail up to the canyon (NOTE The trail/road dead ends up around the backside but makes for a pretty canyon picture because you are high above the canyon walls) when you get to the section of Trail that begins to go up the hill (The dead end) you go down to the Canyon wash and follow that all the way around, it will pass through the Mountains and come out on the other side . You can't get lost because the Canyon walls are very high . As the Ranger told Me there are very few Folks Know about the Pass so there are very few who ever pack or hike it its mostly locals if any. I set up Carins VERY BIG in some spots once you get back about 3-4 miles if you choose to follow my route . TAKE WATER!!!! I took 5 liters and got 1 liter from that poop puddle and I returned 3 days later with 8oz of water and 1/2 pint of
Swedish water,Svedke (: There is no shade except that of an occasional hanging rock in the Canyon so beware of the sun (you are in a desert!) I may sound like a wise ass but You'd be surprised at how many times Ive passed a person in Arizona Utah or Cali in the desert and they were headed out because they needed water and they had to cut there venture short. once I even gave up some of mine to a kat who needed abit. think wise this was an awesome venture and if you can read a compass can follow the Sun and have Water you will be fine. We have more to our advantage then any Gold Miner did that ever walked through this Pass . ENJOY!!! Oh and if you like being where you wont see a person for as long as you are out you'll LOVE it here! SLAINTE!!!