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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My 6 friends and I had a great idea to hike the 10 mile Hunter trail up to hellhole reservoir. From there we are going to trek to upper hellhole which is an extra 4 miles. I had a deadline at work so I had to miss the first day of hiking so one friends and I drove straight to the reservoir. My 5 friends who were on the hunter trail tried to make it, but after 2 miles the trail disappeared. There was a big fire in 2014 and it destroyed the trail. Burnt trees, fallen trees everywhere and new brush over growing the whole area. No shade, there is a river for some of it until you have to go over a mountain for the last 2 miles. My friend and I went to upper hellhole the next day thinking they might be there. They were not. We finally got a beep on our radio from them and they just arrived at the reservoir at 6 the next day. My friend and I hiked through the night back to the reservoir. Surprised the 5 boys and restored some moral. The trail to upper hell hole is okay. Definitely do able, very rocky and unsteady, but worth it. Just don't do the Hunters trail! Unless you want to make it for future hikers that would be great.

Summary, after the pools in the rubicon there is no hunters trail to hellhole.