10.3 miles
7139 feet
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8 months ago

So a disclaimer for this review: I am aware that I'm a amateur hiker and only do about 4-5 hikes a year. I also am one of those hikers on here that when I pick a hike and it shows me the full trail, I'm gonna want to do it all. And I'm a naïve hiker and not great at reading the trail maps.
But from my understanding of the description, this was a good day hike that was fairly easy. I thought it just stayed on the east base of the mountain and we'd get pretty close. It wasn't until after we went further than the horse camp that I realized this hike was taking us to the summit.
There were about fifty signs that it did, but for some reason, as I said, as a naïve hiker, I didn't think it would take us all the way up.
This mountain might be an easy mountain to climb. However, when I find an easy hike, I don't think it's gonna include climbing a mountain.
This trail should be just up to the horse camp that ends at the actual camp. And not include the summit trail.
Hopefully naïve hikers from out of town, who aren't prepared to hike a mountain, won't do the same thing as I did.