Hidden Beach and False Klamath Rock

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Redwood National Park

Hidden Beach and False Klamath Rock is a 7.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Klamath, California that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 7.6 miles Elevation Gain: 1,148 feet Route Type: Out & Back


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no dogs

Note: Although this trail is open, restrooms, parking lots, and visitor centers are currently closed due to COVID-19.

10 days ago

Questions: I just downloaded this app so not sure where i can ask questions. We wanna go here to Hidden Beach but not clear if we will have access, parking. I'm hoping someone can share

Trail was roped off and a little overgrown but was so worth the long drive up here!

over grown
20 days ago

Drive six and a half hours to take on this hike. So worth it.. It was overgrown to our shoulders and a few fallen trees blocking the trail. With some enthusiasm and optimism, we took on the challenge. The beach at the end was gorgeous, would definitely hike this again. 10/10. Northern California is the shit.


4 months ago

One of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen :)

4 months ago

Beautiful trail, we did it on a Sunday and were completely alone the whole time. Hidden beach was absolutely gorgeous!

9 months ago

This was a beautiful hike - definitely started from the north end and hiked up to the Overlook. Stopped at Hidden Beach on the way up for a spell and had the entire beach to ourselves. Well worth it and look forward to doing it again. Seems someone had come through and cut back some of the overgrowth recently (August 2019).

Nice trail for the various climate experiences, sounds of seals barking, ocean waves, etc. some overgrown areas. Trail map looks off - isn’t aligned with coastal trail & if you follow it, will not get to beach. There’s a trail marker 3/4 in-follow left to beach. Not sure if it’s Hidden Beach, but other hikers said it was. We did that and skipped rest to False Klamath.

10 months ago

Just went directly into hidden beach. The trail is nice and maintained with no issues. On the way back we took the Yurok loop which a nice walk too.

Thu May 23 2019

I just did the one mile hike (roundtrip) down to hidden beach at sunset and it was amazing. Except the part where my GoPro fell out of my pocket. I realize it's a long shot but If anyone finds it I would forever be grateful. As far as the hike itself, slippery in spots and overgrown as well. But once you get to the beach that will all be forgotten, Enjoy!(kevinbarrels@gmail)

Fri Feb 01 2019

hiked this gem today. best to start from the northern end so you hike the uphill section first. lots of peaks at the beach for the 1st mile and hidden beach is perfect. did not see a soul except at parking areas. trail in fair shape with no big issues.

Sat Nov 10 2018

We just went directly to Hidden Beach which was a beautiful and easy one mile walk. The AllTrails map is not really accurate for this one, as it shows Hidden Beach much further down than it really is. If you park in the Lagoon Creek parking lot and start on the Yurok Loop Trail, you’ll see signs for Hidden Beach. We didn’t see anyone out there, so this was just a spectacular place to end our day and watch the sunset.

Tue Oct 09 2018

The mysteries of this trail beacon. It begins at an overlook of the mouth of the Klamath River. Shadowy corridors pull you into a lush forest. Vistas from lofty ledges above the ocean can make your heart pound. The focal point of a secluded beach is a tree-topped sea stack. Ocean wave swirl around a impressive off-shore rock. The trail ends at the False Klamath Cove. The cove lends it name to the off-shore rock. I put together a video of this hike at

Sat Sep 22 2018

Hidden Beach is a gem!! Easy trail with some redwoods lots of fern and great air!

Sun Jun 03 2018

We drove from Texas to hike this trail. Great setting with giant trees in a rain forest and the Pacific Ocean. The hidden beach a half mile from trail head is a bonus. Beautiful.

Mon May 21 2018

The trail is great until the last 1/3 of the route where it becomes narrow and overgrown with weeds and grass. The path down to the lookout is steep and has rebar sticking up so watch out! The views are mostly hidden by trees but you can hear the ocean and the sea lions. Of coarse the lookout is usually awesome pending fog and clouds. Be in shape the make the entire 9 + mile hike from the Yurok loop trailer head. It is easy turning to moderate + at the end.

Sat May 19 2018

Amazing and beautiful!

Fri Apr 06 2018

Poorly maintained with numerous fallen logs and an eroding path at several portions but still beautiful hike through Pacific rainforest with ocean on the other side. A couple of amazing vistas and a fun hidden beach but the extent of the forest often chokes off your views even high up.

Sun Jan 07 2018

Wonderful hike to Hidden Beach! We arrived at sunset, and we're the only people on the beach. The trail was lightly trafficked.

Wed Nov 08 2017

Amazing coastal views! Trail gets a bit narrow and slick in spots, but not bad overall. Definitely worth heading down to Hidden Beach too (towards the end of the trail, signage is clear). Make sure to listen for the barking from sea lions!

Wed Sep 27 2017

Awesome trail

Sat Jun 17 2017

We hiked the mile in only for the Hidden Beach because the trail to Enderts Beach was closed due to a landslide and were not disappointed. The trail is mainly worn down grass with several ocean views along the coastline but the beach is beautiful and very secluded. Only one other person showed up the entire two hours we were there.

Fri Jun 02 2017

Great hike, some hilly incline but mostly non incline grass hiking. There was some bear scat but didn't see any bears. Saw some garden type snakes on the trail. The hike was beautiful about 2 miles in, I heard sea lions barking, couldn't see em from any point on the trail. Got to hidden beach it was beautiful and secluded. So peaceful to listen to the waves crashing. If your a climber there were some 2 biggish rocks to practice climbing they are similar to bouldering rocks. Great hike I'd recommend doing this one then having a nice lunch at the beach.

Wed Apr 05 2017

Flowers on trail are good right now, making the places without coastal views pleasant. You feet will get wet. Did a shuttle hike from Klamath Overlook to Lagoon Creek. Make sure to check for ticks.

Tue Nov 29 2016

I did the trail from the lagoon to the lookout and back. The 1st mile is pretty flat and has some ocean views but is pretty boring. If you want to go to the beach do it on a low tide. It was a high tide today and no beach at all... The rest of the trail is better but doesn't have very many views until you get close to the top then you have ocean views again. It's a fairly gentle slope and not too difficult a hike but still decent cardio. I also did the Yurok Loop along the way. All the other trails I've done in the area are a cut above this one. 50-50 whether I will ever do this one again...

Thu Jul 09 2015

The trial was a bit over grown with tall grasses. So wear pants. We were also welcomed by a wasp sting on the way in. Also we hiked in it was cloudy so there wasn't anything to see but a white backdrop. However when we got to the beach...it as stunning. Pretty much there by ourselves and the sun came out. On the hike out we could see much more of the coast and it was much more enjoyable.

Wed Jul 01 2015

Fairly easy trail, amazing views. Once you reach the beach it's truly amazing, rewarding, unlike anything I've seen before. worth the hike.

Thu Jun 19 2014

Beautiful hike. Started at Lagoon Creek and took the coastal trail to the Klamath overlook. Fairly easy hiking... great trail for the whole family.

Fri Jun 24 2011

We took the Coastal Trail up to Hidden Beach and further up to Yurok Loop. The hidden beach was well worth the stop! Beautiful hidden cove, with great views of the mountainous rocks jutting from the ocean floor. Nobody else was there except us and a few scavenger birds watching us very closely. Great hike. Definitely recommend to anyone.

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