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Guy West Bridge to Goethe Park is a 4.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Sacramento, California that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.7 miles Elevation Gain: 137 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly



horseback riding

mountain biking

nature trips

road biking


bird watching





road biking
1 day ago

Area around electricity towers closed for maintenance.

mountain biking
9 days ago


16 days ago

Great for a walk with a stroller. Def not a hike, but a lovely walk away from freeways, by the river :)

1 month ago

as4Policy Number: 040106140175791

2 months ago

The trailhead is inaccessible. Park somewhere else. There is a parking lot on the south side of the river at Howe Street and also at Watt street. Or you can park on the north side of the Guy West Bridge.

Offers paved or non-paved trails. Great for a rainy day stroll.

4 months ago

Paved non-hike full of white middle class uppity snobs. They take everything enjoyable and ruin it. Also note: this path has a special rule for walkers/joggers to stay "in the left shoulder". TONS of bikers. Hikers should drive the extra 10 minutes to avoid.

5 months ago


5 months ago

1701 University Ave is definitely the place to start. Easy access to trail, plenty of free parking. It was a great trail to walk the pug. Three quarters of trail shaded with tall trees. Clean, no bums in sight!(shockers for Sacramento) Beautiful fall view crossing the river.

7 months ago

Beautiful along the river. Parked at the dog park on American River drive. No homeless people. Lots of bikes thought.

7 months ago

parking issue

7 months ago

The directions of where to park for this trail are incorrect. Drive to 1701 University Avenue and park near the dog park. You can access the trail from there. We walked the North side of the river and had no problems with homeless people. If you walk west from the dog park and cross the bridge you will enter the Sacramento State University campus.

9 months ago

In a sketchy neighborhood with questionable people. Luckily there were enough (barely) cyclists passed by that we made it out ok. View wise, one side is good but not the other side. Flat all the way

10 months ago

Nice if you want to keep it simple.

Short and lovely walk from American River to Sacramento State Uni. Path is clear and dog friendly. This path takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Many college students walk this path, therefore, it is always being occupied. I would not recommend walking this path at night.

over grown
11 months ago

Tue Jan 22 2019

Nice riverfront walk with some ok views. Paved pretty much the whole way, the bridge otw back to the east side of the river is the watt car/pedestrian bridge. I powerwalked this trail with my mom when we didn’t have time to drive out of town. I count this as an urban wildlife interface walks which can be some of the most interesting.

Sun Nov 04 2018

Trail is well maintained and safe. No inclines and can be walked leisurely. No issues with sharing. Plenty of residential parking available on La Riviera.

road biking
Thu Sep 20 2018

I like to park at or near the Rivers Edge restaurant on Riviera at Watt. I follow the Watt bridge on-ramp over the river to the American River Recreation area bike trail. That parking pot also serves a bike store, a couple of Brew pubs, and a Big Lots store.

Tue Sep 18 2018

Was a great hike, lots of trees and was worth the drive to visit it.

Thu Aug 16 2018

For passenger vehicle parking, try University Avenue near Guy West Bridge (zoom in on map to find where Guy West Bridge is located). And the side streets within the circle of University Avenue. Check street signs for time limit and confirm if any permits are required. Many spin-off dirt trails towards the river accessible by walkers and horses only. Dirt trails away from river accessible by all three users = hikers, bikers, horses. Please respect other trail users. Please be wise and keep your dog on a leash. There's too much traffic on this section of the ART and you'd be heartbroken if another dog attacked your dog, or if a cyclist collided with your dog. Flexi-leashes are dangerous to cyclists and runners. You also don't know how your dog might respond to a horse. Some dogs go ballistic when they see a horse, which is dangerous to horseback riders. Keep your dog close to you. Thank you.

Wed Jul 25 2018

loveeeeee since I was 11 years old

Sun Jun 10 2018

Followed the directions which led me to a parking lot to URV which is the University Residence Village parking lot. So whoever posted the directions most likely lives there or goes to the university. Every space is marked Permit Parking or has a number and the entry gate says access to URV residents only. I am sure there are other access points along the way but just didn’t have the energy to locate another entry point. So if someone knows a more accessible-to-all access point, please point it out.

Thu Apr 12 2018

A good walk but not outstanding - except for a great bridge to view and walk over!!! We did this hike in the winter and it was overcast and cool.

Sat Sep 23 2017

Easy trail with lots of views of the river.

Tue Sep 19 2017

Lots of homeless people living here. My wife and I also encountered a big stray dog that was aggressive.

Mon Jul 24 2017

The north side of the river is ok, but the loop around the south side is not at all pleasant. From Guy West Bridge to Howe Ave. it is only paved path with no shade, and no views of the river (only the sewage treatment plant). The section from Howe to Watt does have shade but is heavily populated by homeless people. It still doesn't afford the river views that the north part of the loop does unless you take one of the side dirt trails. But with all the people living in the bushes it's just too sketchy. I'd say just walk the American River trail.

Fri Jun 16 2017

This is a nice and easy trail that goes along the American River, looping around using a pedestrian bridge (Guy West Bridge) near the university, and a car bridge (Watt Ave. Bridge). It has partial/moderate shade so bring a hat and sunblock. The north side of the river is a little nicer, but I encountered wildlife on both sides as it was a quiet day on the trail on a very hot Friday midday in June. There are several places to access the river and cool off your feet. You can stay on the bike trail, or use the dirt/horse trail that runs alongside. There are bathrooms near the Howe Ave. Bridge and the Watt Ave. Bridge. There are also places to picnic on both sides of the river (about halfway between the bridges). There aren't really any views, but it was fun to see people floating down the river - it's fast this year from the late snowmelt.

Wed May 31 2017

Nice loop!

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