Green Valley Trail

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Green Valley Trail is a 2.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Fairfield, California that features a cave and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 2.2 miles Elevation Gain: 364 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash

kid friendly


mountain biking

nature trips

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bird watching



partially paved


A walking path through a greenway nestled between suburban homes.

5 days ago

27 days ago

Beautiful time of the year to hike this trail

1 month ago

Wonderful trailer- even saw a gentleman “sheep herding” beautiful place- will enjoy it again soon

7 months ago

Another great morning hiking in this beautiful park.

9 months ago

Great, beautiful hike for family.. trail a little tricky to figure out. Only complaint is many mountain bikers making it a bit treacherous with kids and dog

Sun Jan 13 2019

This hike is great fun! I went with my four children (8, 6, 3 walking & 1-carried). the view on the way back down the hill was beautiful, the cave was neat and it wasn't too difficult for kiddos. The cool thing about this park is that you're walk can be as short or as long as you'd like. we used this app to navigate the trails.

Wed Nov 07 2018

Great for trail running, great for kids and dogs. The outer quarry trails are very shaded, even midday, but the sound of a busy road kind of ruins the aesthetic. It takes about a mile of hiking in before the traffic noise abates. My 4 year old loves the zigzagging and overlapping trails here. We hiked down to the “lake” which is a pond as of beginning of November. The inner trails are mostly paved. Only met 3 people in 5 hours on a weekday. I would go again!

Sun Jul 29 2018

Fantastic options as you traverse the main trail. Lofty vistas make hiking up a ridge worth the effort. The trail is good for most... it can be a tad steep in some places, so wear proper footwear. Don’t forget to pay... 6-month pass (affordable) and parking fee.

Tue Jul 24 2018

One of my favorite local spots. Hiking here various in difficulties. Some spots are paved and flat, while others become rocky and heavily inclined. The trailheads aren't really marked well, but do point you in the direction of land marks, ie: Pond, Lake, Caves. What I love about this hike is the varying terrain and views, You'll start out deep in the forested areas, eventually getting views of the cliffs and more rural areas of Fairfield. Evntually stumbling across a small pond and then a nice lake filled with an abundance of wildlife. It's not uncommon to see Herons, Ducks, Chipmunks, Fence Lizards, Turtles, and Bullfrogs in and around the pond.

Sun May 27 2018

It’s been three weeks, and I’ve finally recovered and calmed down enough to write a review without profanity. First, this hike can only be described as “Easy” if you’re about 6 feet tall. There were at least three spots climbing up the hill that required me to use my hands because they were so steep and little to no footholds. Also because I went under the false assumption this would be an easy trail hike I was not prepared with enough water for my dogs. They finished off the 16oz before we even made it to the area by the cave. By the way this is NOT a dog friendly trail. After surviving the trek over the hill I was looking forward to the level walk around the small lake. Frustratingly blocked off by a barbed wire fence and posted signs that no dogs are allowed, I didn’t think we’d survive finding another way to pick up the trail on the other side, and I wasn’t willing to risk another mile or two. So I carefully pushed my dogs under the barbed wire fence to get into the area then out. Finally coming down the last slope to the main entrance I slipped on a patch of loose dirt and landed on my knee. I literally left behind a (quarter) pound of flesh. Also noteworthy there’s an entry fee for people and dogs. The payment machine accepts cash and credit cards. One star for the GPS mapping working quite well. The only good thing was I didn’t get too lost.

Sun Mar 11 2018

Unexpected beautiful landscape. The cows graze land; so be mindful since they’re not behind a fence.

Sun Jan 28 2018

I love walking at this park.

Tue Aug 08 2017

We had a hard time finding the trail as described here. We had to ask a ranger for help and she didn't know where this map was for as the only "green valley" at the park is a small section of trail. she gave us a new route and we ended up on rock garden trail with a short trip up tower trail and then back on chemise loop and lower quarry trail. It was not an "easy" hike but it was fun.

Sun Jun 11 2017

trails are not as well marked as exoected. plus green Valley trail is not named the same as on the trailheads but followed the map tool on the app and found our way. nice well maintained trail fir both my 13 year old daughter and dog. took a little under 2 hours to complete but that included time for exploring cave and taking in the views. nice hidden gem and offered views that were not expected. I plan to come back and try one of the other longer more difficult trails.

Sun May 28 2017

easy trails but heavy traffic. nice walk up to a small lake.

Sat May 27 2017

We went as a family to this trail. It was a lot of fun. the kids enjoyed the baby frogs around the pond. it is a huge park, so be careful not to get lost. if it wasn't for this app it would have been hard to find our way out!

Fri Apr 28 2017

The trail head is right after the residential neighborhood. You won't see it if your not looking for it. Luckily the trail is moderately used & there were cars parked on the outside of the trail start & it helped to look where people are heading. It starts with a slight clime up. Be prepared to go slow w/all the traffic the trail gets. You can stay on this short trail or you can go exploring as their are other trails in the same park you can go out that mingle in with this specific trail. No opportunity to let the dog off leash to explore. Too many people. Otherwise, great park and some great views at the top. This can be a loop trail.

Sat Apr 22 2017

Lots of hidden surprises as you go! Friendly people, clean park, and sheep were extra added bonus! Easy trails all around!! Favorite spot and must see is view above the lake!!

Sun Mar 12 2017

Surprisingly lovely! Starts out where you can see the valley and the highway but you're quickly in a secluded area with lots of well maintained trails. Elevation gain is minimal - 500 ft ish. Great hike to get you back in the groove.

Sun Oct 23 2016

We had a pleasant 7-mile (3.5 hour) hike in Green Valley Trail today. We started at the intersection of Vintage Valley Drive and Dynasty Drive in Fairfield (Green Valley). We hiked along the pedestrian walkway past Green Valley Creek up to the park's southern entrance. We turned left onto the Black Oak Trail, left on Middle Mystic Trail, left on Twisted Tree Loop Trail, continued Junction trail to Root Trail, and left on Cliff View Trail. We continued onto Outer Loop Trail, right on Rock Garden Trail, we looped around the lake and took the Bay Area Ridge Trail to the Green Valley Trail for the return back.

Thu Sep 01 2016

You have to pay per person and extra for your dog and can't even just check out the area. If it was $3 for parking that would be fine but pay per person and have to keep your pass on you in case someone stops you and asks for it.

Sat Jul 16 2016

Loved the view, the shaded trees, and the trail itself was pretty challenging.

Sun Feb 28 2016

This was a great weekend hike! There are plenty of trail options so you can go farther or make your hike short. The scenery was beautiful! In the beginning it did seem pretty crowded, however there are many splits in the trail so once we got farther into the hike we barely saw anyone. It is definitely dog friendly, dogs $1, and $3 per person and you keep the ticket with you on your hike. We will definitely be doing this one again!

Wed Jul 10 2013

$3 per person, $1 per dog. Dogs MUST remain on leash or you can be ticketed $100 each. NO drinking water available. One set of bathrooms up at the lower pond. I went to to both ponds. Lower pond was totally dry, but we found tons of little tiny frogs, toads, and salamanders. Upper lake is beautiful. You can fish in it. Many bullfrogs, make trying to catch so fun. Shade along the paths. But bring plenty of water. I took a 2 & 5 year olds. Up to the upper lake, they managed fine. The climb is not too steep. Pack it in, pack it out. No garbages. 6 month family passes are available. This is a beautiful place to come hike around, explore, and enjoy all kinds if wildlife.

Sat Mar 30 2013

My first hike ever! It was a really good workout and a really nice view. Got really up close with some cows with my friends. Went through the main trail. I was looking forward to see the waterfall but I guess we took the wrong trail. We saw and climbed up the cave though but it was steep and slippery for first time hikers. Overall the park was really nice.

Wed Dec 14 2011

The park was gorgeous! Beautiful oak and manzanita trees, the little hike/climb to the cave kicked ass and it felt like we were the only ones there. How awesome is this place?

Sun Dec 11 2011

Beautiful views & Excellent trails! Next time I will be sure to wear better shoes. My warn out running shoes made it difficult to get up to the cave but I had fun trying.

Mon Aug 29 2011

I really enjoyed this trail after we reached the lake. It could have just been the time of year but prior to the like everything was just kinda dead and brown. We did the cave trail and up to the rock garden and ended up exploring the trails for about 3 hours. it was fun.. we estemate we did about 4-5 miles of this trail

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