Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge via Carrizo Gorge Road

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Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge via Carrizo Gorge Road is a 19.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Titus, California that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking and mountain biking.

19.5 miles
5282 feet
Out & Back


mountain biking



no dogs

t is possible to start out at the De Anza Resort. You drive up to the gate, buzz in and tell them you want to park for the trailhead. Then you drive to the office sign in and pay $5. If you didn't particularly want to pay to park at the resort you can check the few parking spaces on the county road under I-8. Its a well maintained dirt road.

3 days ago

Flat hike out through tunnels, and over numerous smaller trestles ending at the large trestle. Beautiful scenery - reminded me of old western movies the way the tracks snake though blasted out rocks. OUSTANDING VIEWS NONSTOP.

There are side trails around most of the tunnels (which appear to have been used for the elevation chart for this hike). They provide more canyon beauty but the trails are over grown with cacti in places and make for a challenging walk around. I recommend taking the side trails around the smaller tunnels.

Entire hike was 9:45AM - 3:30PM (5 hours, 45 min) and included a 30 minute lunch break, lot's of photos and two "walk arounds" of the tunnels.

Park at the Nudest Colony - but the bar is closed Mon - Thursday - so you will need to have post hike beverage somewhere else.

4 days ago

Male, 35 (and female companion, 29)
6', 240 lbs
Fitness level: average
Hiking experience: intermediate
Date of hike: 02/17/18
Pace: moderate
Total time: A little under 5 hours (app clocked us at 4:43 movement time)
Weather temp: 39F when we left by 9am, 68F upon returning to our car by 3pm

Ok, so I'm on the chubby side and we finished this hike in under 5 hours (movement time). This hike wasn't really that hard. The only thing that bothered me was my bum ankle from an old hockey injury, but other than that, it's not very demanding on cardio as long as you are not in horrible shape.

I prepared for the worst and was carrying a bunch of stuff in my pack that I didn't use at all, including 4 lts of water. I only drank 1lt during the whole trip with little to no transpiration. I should say though, that the weather was nice and cool so that played a big factor in not using up a lot of water. It got a little hot on the way back but it was nice overall.

Other than the obvious preparations for a long hike (water, food, aid kit, etc), I would like to emphasize the importance of wearing comfortable gear, shoes and clothing. It is a very long hike so any little nuisance from your bag, shoes, shorts, socks, underwear, etc that you think it's minor, will start to feel like a huge pain in the ass after a while. So make sure nothing is bothering you before you begin.

This is definitely one of the most interesting hikes around the San Diego area. There is a lot of cool things to see and great spots for photo ops. I highly recommend it.

4 days ago

EPIC! This hike speaks to the mischievous kid inside that wants to explore the abandon trains cars, dark tunnels, and cool bridges that your mom would never let you play on. I felt like I was on my own adult desert ‘Stand by Me’ adventure.
I hiked with two other in shape athletic guys and we did 3 hours out ( with lots of exploring and pictures) and two hours back from Deanza to the bridge.
Great opportunity to face your fear of the dark, heights, tight spaces, graffiti trains, whatever.

5 days ago

What a fun hike, easy but long 16 miles...FYI - De Anza Springs Resort doesn't open until 8am, if you plan on parking there...

6 days ago

It is a long hike, a little bit over 16 miles to be exact. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

6 days ago

Super cool

7 days ago

Completed this trail for the first time today. The trail is mainly flat, so aside from the distance, I would actually rate this as easy, not hard. It was HEAVILY trafficked by other hikers and bicyclist. There are more than a handful of bridges and tunnels. Some tunnels are approx. half a mile long and dark, so I recommend to bring lighting. The weather was perfect! About 75° today, which is nice for the desert area.
Overall this was an awesome hike with plenty of exploring!

12 days ago

First thing, park in the nudist colony instead of at the gas station. You’ll be thankful when heading back to your car. Go to the office and it’s $5 a person. Well worth it! The trail is flat for the most part, but it’s still a hard trail. Feet and legs are sore! Two tunnels were long and dark so I highly recommend a flash light especially if you’re going just girls. The trestles were not my favorite but I had to cross them. There’s several but the main one was safer to me than the little ones. Once you get to the end it’s worth it. We saw a lot of people on this trail! Weather was in our favor. Take plenty of water and snacks. We took our 50l bag and 75l bags to prep for Havasupai Falls. Overall, we did it and loved it!

18 days ago

loved this trail. so interesting with lots to see and the history of this trestle. loved it.
the trail is exposed the on my shade you get is from the tunnels so start early or check weather when planning.

1 month ago

Pros: Tunnels, train cars, possible wildlife spottings, bridges, trestle. All opportunities for great photos with the right time of day.
Cons: train cars have been ripped apart as more and more people find this place; unnecessary tagging of rocks (not art); bridges, in my opinion, are not safe enough to bring children or pets; flat 16 miles takes a toll.

bike packing .Overnig bike camping

1 month ago

1 month ago

One of the best hike in San Diego period. Long but flat. Great western movie hike. Tunnels were awesome. Bridges were scary but cool. Bring lots of water and food. Long hike again

1 month ago

This was one of the most gratifying hikes I’ve done near San Diego. We parked at the DeAnza Springs Resort, which is a clothing-optional campground with a small restaurant and bar. We buzzed ourselves in the gate and paid $5/person for the safety of leaving our car. The desk clerk pointed us in the right direction, and we were on our way. We left the trailhead around 10am, hiked about 7.5 miles to the bridge in 2.5 hours, and spent about an hour exploring the trestle. We made it back before 5pm as the sun was going down and decided to stick around for a few beers at the resort. Everyone was so friendly and respectful. It was not weird or creepy in the least, and we had a very nice time talking with the folks there. Mostly everyone was dressed because it was cold, but the occasional old man with no pants on was more comical than anything else. I recommend this route over the others because of the safety and relative ease of the logistics. I attempted the Mortero Palms Canyon route two months ago, and the rock scrambling was too treacherous. All in all, this is a long walk along the railroad tracks reminiscent of the movie Stand By Me. Pick a cool day and a cool friend, and bring plenty of water and a flashlight for some of the longer tunnels along the way. 15 miles round trip, approximately 6 hours at a steady pace with an hour to explore, and a beer with some nudists if you’re up for it!

1 month ago

Rough terrain, but flat. it was awesome. Worth the ass, leg and feet soreness you are going to feel. I hiked with my dog. If you do make sure your dog has shoes, plenty of water and snacks. We started at 10:15 and it was hot, but just when it feels too hot you hit your first tunnel. Tunnels helped immensely with the heat and there are several. On the way back at 1:30 It was perfect. Tunnels kept us cool and there were only a couple of hotspots. We ended the trail as the sun was going down and wind started to blow. Easy to find. few dirt spots to park which is where I did. Then the cross over the street to the tracks and start the adventure.

2 months ago

Such an adventurous hike! Flat and easy going but long so your feet might start to blister. Parking at the De Anza Resort is $5. Buzz in and let them know you want to hike the trails. Sign in at the office then drive to the trailhead at the north west part of the resort. Parking also available on the side of the road just before the gate, so if you don’t want to pay then there are a few spots available at a couple of turnouts. Come early at like 7am to secure a spot! My Garmin clocked this trek at 6.9 mi coming back from the bridge so it’s ~14 mi from this route via the Carrizo Gorge. We were hiking pretty fast and finished this at just under 6 hours. This includes the 30 or so minutes spent at the bridge. Great hike along a railroad and to a bridge rich with history! Make sure to bring a headlamp or flash light. There a quite a few tunnels along the way and they get dark! Do NOT bring your dogs on this one. There are a few bridges along the way and the slats in between are open! The metal grates and wooden boards along the edge are also splintery and shady so wouldn’t recommend to have them walk on those either. Be smart please!!

2 months ago

This is a great scenic hike. It's mostly flat, but that doesn't mean it's easy. The surface is pretty uneven, so if you're prone to knee or hip pain, you'll want to pack some pain reliever.
I know people bring their dogs on this trail, but I wouldn't recommend it. This trail is NOT dog friendly.
There are 10 tunnels on the way to the trestle, one of which is a half mile long. If you don't like being in confined spaces or the dark makes you uneasy, I would find a different route to take to the trestle. There are also 7 large trestles and 2 small trestles that you must cross to make it to Goat Canyon.
If you'd like to read my full write-up, including the history of the "Impossible Railroad," check out my blog: pinkhathiker.wordpress.com.

3 months ago

Nice and hard hiking

3 months ago

This was my first time hiking Goat Canyon Trestle
We parked at the Nudist Resort. It’s 5.00 per person. She takes a photo copy of your licenses.( It made us feel safe knowing someone knew where we were. Because once you reach the resort you loose cell phone service for the whole hike)
Just note that on the weekends they open at 8:00am. She was super nice and lead us in the right direction to the trail.
As everyone noted it’s a long hike! We hiked 15.6 miles. Luckily it was a beautiful fall day, and perfect weather. We passed through tons of tunnels, some were short and some were long....so bring a flashlight.
We also saw bridges and abandoned graffiti train cars that you can explore. Super fun to take pictures.
I’m a little afraid of heights, some of the bridges that you cross were a little scary for me. But I️ just took my time.
I have to admit I️ was a little intimidated by the length of the hike. But it was actually one of my longest and most fun hikes!

3 months ago

Love this trail much fun lol , other than the nudist omg

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