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Ghost Mountain Trail to Yaquitepec

MODERATE 31 reviews

Ghost Mountain Trail to Yaquitepec is a 1.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Julian, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from October until April.

Distance: 1.1 miles Elevation Gain: 423 feet Route Type: Out & Back

kid friendly


nature trips


bird watching


wild flowers



no dogs

One of the more interesting artifacts of California's Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is Yaquitepec on Ghost Mountain. The ruins of the South Home, where a family of writers lived in the 1930s, can be seen from the top of this short, steep trail that begins in Blair Valley, 2.7 miles from Highway S-2. The "South Home," actually an adobe cabin, was built by Marshal and Tanya South when they began homesteading in 1932, before the area was within the state park boundaries. This is a rewarding hike with interesting remains to explore and beautiful 360 views.

10 months ago

Stop in the visitor center and ask the volunteers to play the Ghost Mountain 15 minute movie before you head up. It gave us a different perspective after doing that. Beautiful views and well marked trail in this protected area.

11 months ago

Ghost Mountain was a great little hike. Make sure to read up on the history before doing this one. Hard to believe a family carried everything they needed up the mountain to build their home. Also make sure to take your trash back with you. My Bro and I cleaned up a bunch of trash out of the water catch and around the house. No reason people can't put their protein bar wrappers back in there pocket. Once you get to the top you get great views all around. We even were able to look back where we parked our car and all the off road driving we did to get there. The dirt roads to get there are pretty well maintained, but with that said I would recommend small suv at a minimum, 4wd even better. I took Explorer Sport with 4wd and made it no problem. Since it was after rain there was a lot of muddy spots and large puddles, luckily there is plenty of routes around these puddles / muddy spots so you do not have to go through them.

Sun Feb 18 2018

great hike. easy to the homestead then some good Ole anza peak bagging to get ghost. Pretty easy route finding just watch out for cholla.

Mon Feb 12 2018

Takes about 1/2 hour to reach the homestead. Beautiful views, interesting story.

Mon Jan 29 2018

I did this trail two weeks ago, walking from Blair Valley Dry Lake. Very amazing that this man Marshall South and family lived there 70 years ago for 17 years, where water is the most difficuty..About the trail, when arrived at the site on the top, there is no indication on how to retreive the trail once you explored the rests of the house and settlements. This is a weak point of the Anza Borrego State Park, trails are not well indicated.

Tue Jan 16 2018

Beautiful views of Blair Valley to the north and Laguna mountains to the south.

Mon May 08 2017

The trail to the Marshal South home. Hike to the peak of Ghost Mountain, about a mile further, for bonus points!

Tue Feb 28 2017

great easy trail. it took about an hour. excellent view of granite mountain, Blair valley and earthquake valley pretty rocks and lots of flowers.

Tue Apr 26 2016

We did this hike as an evening hike. The trail was pretty easy to follow even at night. You will need head lamps if you attempt this in the evening. The view is amazing, no wonder why Marshal South wanted to live there. Check out my blog about the hike. https://lovz2hike.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/anza-borrego-desert-state-park/

Tue Jul 07 2015

A walk, but rugged on the approach to the cabin. Worth the hour to see some history as a side trip on the way to/from the hot springs or other points of interest in A-B Park area. A neat little hike for the kids - short enough to survive, long enough to feel like you've gone somewhere, and recognizable remnants of a cabin at the top.

Tue Oct 14 2014

My primary reason for being in the area of this trail was to drive the 4 wheel drive through Blair Valley but I did the hiking trails along the drive as well. This was the last of the three trails on that drive that I hiked. I'm out of shape and it being the third one I did that day, and it being seriously uphill, it was rough but I made it. It's steep and rocky but doable. It's easy to lose the trail in the switchbacks if you don't pay attention but it isn't like you'll get lost. I made it to the top and saw the cabin ruins which was pretty cool. The view at sunset was fantastic. I had difficulty finding the start of the trail back down because there are footprints everywhere. The trail is rocky so the path is not always clear. Be sure to make note of where you pop up on top so you can find where to start back down easily. I saw only one other family on the trail while I was there. They had two kids and seemed to have no trouble getting up or down.

Sat Feb 02 2013

I went out here with my WBC class for Car Camp. We hiked up Ghost Mtn in the late evening so there was just enough light when we made it to the top to be able to look around. The water system was amazing to check out. Then hiking back down in the dark was cool as well. I will most likey be back again at some point.

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