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Garcia Trail to Azusa Peak [CLOSED]

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Angeles National Forest

Garcia Trail to Azusa Peak [CLOSED] is a 2.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Azusa, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 2.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,272 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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mountain biking

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wild flowers



Note: The Garcia is closed due to hazardous conditions. No trespassing. From the fire station, follow the path around the grass area adjacent to the station to begin the trail at the north end. The trail climbs steeply, staying primarily on or about the ascending/descending ridge. There's not much shade in route but the chaparral is thick and mature. At about three quarters of a mile the trail crosses over to the west slope and makes its final pitch to the top ridge. This is the section that can be seen clearly from the city below. At 1.2 miles you reach the ridge and the Glendora Ridge Motorway, a dirt service road closed to public vehicular traffic. Veer right (east), and take the informal path up the slope to Azusa Peak (2081'), about 0.2 more miles. Enjoy the views of Azusa, Glendora, and the San Gabriel Valley beyond. Return the way you came.

13 days ago

Passable but needs repair. Sign at the trailhead says No Trespassing due to Hazardous Conditions. The rich and elite residents of Azusa and Glendora that occupy the million dollar homes near the trailhead don't want the common riffraff to have access to the trail. They are forcing the city to keep it closed and the repair it needs.

4 months ago

Too bad it’s closed. Good convenient little workout close to home.

5 months ago

This is BS. Why is this permanently closed? This trail was so popular and I loved it.

over grown
6 months ago

I've hiked it. it's not as damaged as they say it is. Washed put areas can be fixed. City has it permanently closed

8 months ago

has anyone hiked this trail after it's been closed? how badly damaged is it?

Wed Mar 20 2019

love this trail and the view

Fri Aug 17 2018

it's a great trail, but I doubt they're going to reopen it again.

Wed Jul 18 2018

As of July 2018, there are permanent-looking signs saying the trail is temporarily closed. :-(

Wed Apr 25 2018

Hope they re open it Great hike!

Thu Jan 11 2018

Used to run this trail for the Azusa Boxing Club, too bad it’s closed and still closed it’s a killer run

Mon Aug 21 2017

miss this place. hope they re-open it soon.

Sun May 07 2017

Anyone knows when they are going to reopen it?

Fri Apr 07 2017

It was really good hike, I wish they open again

Sat Mar 04 2017


Sun Sep 11 2016

This hike was awesome and not too long. Too bad they closed it :/

Sun Sep 04 2016

It's not challenging only 2.8 miles

Thu Aug 25 2016

Does anyone know if this trail will ever re-open?

Tue May 17 2016

Since Garcia remains closed.....Just wanted to give a heads-up on anyone who might not be familiar since there's nothing posted about it. Looking at the map a logical alternative to Garcia would be to take the Glendora Ridge Motorway from the end of Hilltop Drive, or if someone is attempting an up-and-down, to take the Glendora Ridge Motorway down to Hilltop and then catch a ride back to a vehicle from there. However, this is not a viable route. The last half mile or so runs through an avocado grove and there is a locked gate with barbed wire on top at the end of Hilltop. Your options, once you hit Rancho Vasquez (the name of the property,) are to go back to the top of the Glendora Ridge at GMR or hike down the Colby Trail, or to risk a confrontation with attack dogs and have to find a fence to hop into someone's backyard to get out. I've never heard of a marked fire road with access to a city-owned property (water tower) not being publicy accessible until now, and I can understand the property owner wants to protect their crop, but regardless, this is not a useable route. If you do come off GMR or decide to hike the Colby to the ridge, Azusa Peak and the "A" on the hillside just past it is as far as you can go. Wish I had had this information in giving it to anyone else who might decide to attempt this hike. Given that the Garcia Trail is out, it might be nice if the Vasquez Family granted weekend access to the fire road for local hikers, although my understanding is the reason they've restricted access to the extent they have is because of a significant amount of avocado theft.

Sun May 08 2016

amazing! tough and challenging but rewarding. I still mourn it's passing. hopefully they'll restore it to its glory.

Wed May 04 2016

Once discovered this trail I seriously fell in love. I will always miss this trail. Maybe someday they can reconstruct this trail and bring it back to the public. I wouldn't mind being a security guard for this trail due to the incident that occurred at Garcia trail. 1Luv

Sat Apr 02 2016

In my opinion this trail should have definitely been rated as moderate the walk up is pretty difficult but then again I'm lit of shape such a shame that it's closed

Thu Jan 14 2016

Intense but my favorite so far sad it's closed.

Sun Dec 06 2015

When are they ? Going to reopen Garcia trail??

Mon Aug 17 2015


Mon Jul 27 2015

There is a back way to still get to the cross. You have to take a fire road and it's about an 8 mile hike but still awesome to see the cross without everyone on the trail like it used to have. Kinda glad Garcia is closed... Too many people.

Thu Jun 18 2015

It may say "easy" but it's short climb is anything but that.

Sun Jun 07 2015

This was a fun trail. Almost straight up a narrow, winding dirt/root trail. Great Cardio workout. It's such a shame that the fire took it out for awhile.

Tue May 26 2015

This trail will not open back up according to the San Gabriel valley tribune story which reported the local residents don't want it opened because outsiders come and park in their neighborhood. This was my favorite trail and it's sad to see it taken away.

Sat Feb 14 2015

Best work out & great views.

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