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8 months ago

I use Easy Street Trail as my return leg on all of my Chino Hills State Park hikes, because it ends (or starts, depending on what you choose to hike first) at the Rimcrest Drive free parking area. It’s my “almost done” final minutes. The South Ridge Trail is also at the parking area and you can take it east or west, which I usually do to start my hikes.

Another commenter mentioned snakes. Last year starting in February I saw nonvenomous snakes here about every 5th or 6th visit. They were usually at the south end near the parking area where the trail is flat and cuts through fields, but I saw more snakes on the longer and wider Telegraph Road which is the trail Easy Street runs into at the north end. I see more on weekdays than weekends, maybe because on weekends there are more people making noise that keep snakes hunkered down. But beware! The entire Chino Hills State Park area is also rattlesnake area, so be careful and use common sense, and remember baby rattlers do not rattle. I chatted with a park ranger in late winter last year about already seeing nonvenomous snakes out early, and he said the rattlers were already out and about too.