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East Ridge Trail to West Ridge Trail Loop from Skyline Blvd

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Redwood Regional Park

East Ridge Trail to West Ridge Trail Loop from Skyline Blvd is a 8.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Redwood City, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 8.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,181 feet Route Type: Loop

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This loop trail explores the beauty of Redwood Regional Park. Connect the West Ridge trail to the East Ridge trail for a nice loop.

Very good hike. It was filled with people and mountain bikers but everyone I came across put their masks on when passing people. Lots of families and dogs but trail is wide enough for you to not be so close to each other. You can park in the parking lot of along the streets. Pretty easy.

26 days ago

Amazing hike

A nice trail that brings you around both ridges of Redwood Regional. You don’t go too deep down into the redwood trees, but the trail is great and the views are beautiful. Great any time of the year!

1 month ago

We arrived by 7:30 am, last Sunday. The parking lot was open and 80% full. East Ridge trail is a good warm up before you approach West Ridge, however our group missed the connection between East and West Ridge, and navigating back to West Ridge was a bit confusing as well, even with a map and signage. Our 8 mile hike turned into a beautiful 15 mile hike that I don't regret. I'd brush up on the map and get some assistance from a trail guide before I return to the East and West loop. Great scenery, active hikers, bikers, dogs, and a few people just out for fresh air.

My recording clocked this at 8.7 miles, brought a snack and two water bottles. Started on West and when we eventually got to Canyon/East around the 5 mile mark, it’s a pretty steep climb. Might try the opposite way next time

3 months ago

COVID Update: Entrance to parking lot was closed, but easy off road parking near the entrance - will add roughly half a mile to get on and off the trail head from where you park. Wed. early morning start time & CW trail with few people (slightly more by the halfway point and along east ridge). Steep inclines to start either way you go so prepare to work the glutes!

mountain biking
washed out
3 months ago

mountain biking
3 months ago

AMAZING! the first uphill is really tough. Maybe clockwise would be more doable. But the trail is well worth the struggle up.

5 months ago

Such a nice run! Trail is wide and well maintained, directions are straightforward. Parking is hard especially on a weekend. Fair amount of climbing up and down!

9 months ago

Nice wide loop with good descent and climb mid way with good views.

9 months ago

We did the loop once. Then we tried the out 5.5 miles and back. We liked the shade better in the there and back. Go to hike with good bathrooms.

11 months ago

Great hike.

Mon Jul 01 2019

It’s nowhere near Redwood City!

Sun Jun 02 2019

Great loop for distance. I did it clockwise and it was mostly flat going out then down into the canyon. West Ridge side seemed more up hill. Somehow I ended up doing 9 miles. Lots of runners and bikes in trail.

Decent, but hard for beginners. I had to go decent part (maybe 1 mile total) on foot.

Wed May 08 2019

sunny trail, not too many good views, but great workout and good distance

mountain biking
Sun May 05 2019

I do this loop 1-2 times a month mountain biking with my Great Dane. The information posted associated with this trail that claims dogs should be kept on leash is not true. They need to be leashed only at certain parts of the loop. Follow the signs. I did get a ticket once for not following the signs. The loop is gorgeous. Challenging for a beginner mountain biker but totally awesome. I start at skyline ridge and take right which is mostly downhill. There are parts I have to walk my bike down. Then starts uphill. Oh boy - I just walk my bike up, I don’t even bother trying. Someone said that one steep portion is called the elevator. No joke. It’s mostly shaded so it’s great for hot days. Views are breathtaking. I did this loop several times during super rainy winter we just had. I was sliding all over in mud. So cool. Last time I completed the loop I was able to finish it under 1hrs 45mins.

Mon Jan 14 2019

Really fun!

Wed Sep 05 2018

Like others have mentioned the hike borders on moderate and hard. There are parts where it’s straight up. Enjoyed it either way nice hike among the trees. It took about 3 hours. Bring water!

Thu Aug 09 2018

I walked the West Ridge trail yesterday. It gets so much traffic from hikers and bicyclers that the plants on either side are covered with a fine, brown dust. Kinda depressing. There are many better trails in the area.

Mon Jun 18 2018

Mon Jul 03 2017

Nice 3 hr hike. Only challenging bit is the climb up between ridges.

Wed May 17 2017

One of the best loops in the East Bay. Love it.

Wed Apr 19 2017

A good trail. It was pretty trafficked near the beginning and ends, but the middle section was very nice, and more trail-ish than fire road-ish. It was probably busier than normal because it was Easter weekend.

mountain biking
Sat Mar 18 2017

It was tough mountain biking for me. Overall, refreshing. I couldn't ride my bike through the loop.

Sun Dec 25 2016

Long, but relatively easy hike. There is a down and up at the midway point when you cross over. It took me a little over two hours to complete, but I have some long legs. The "dogs on leash" tag is not accurate as dogs are allowed off leash once you get away from the staging area. You will encounter many dogs off leash on these trails. In retrospect, I wish I did this on my mountain bike. There is another version of this trail that starts at the redwood gate that I will have to try on my bike. For hiking, French and Stream are much more scenic and interesting.

Sun Sep 25 2016

We did the ~8 mile loop going out on East Ridge Trail and coming back on West Ridge Trail. It's a nice hike with a little of everything: sun and shade, flats and climbs, horizon and forest views. The descent and climb are right in the middle of the hike when you cross the canyon from East Ridge to West Ridge and the rest of the hike is pretty flat. It's a wide dirt trail with lots of traffic (bikes, dogs, horses) so not the most secluded hike. It's not easy because of the length and climbing section but is pretty accessible in that anyone with a moderate fitness level should be fine.

Fri Sep 16 2016

It's a nice loop trail but there are much better options within Redwood. There are several single tracts up and down the sides that I would combine with one or part of the ridge trail. It also connects with good trails on both ends. I've down Redwood to Chabot and it's sweet to get away from most of the people...

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