Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail

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Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail is a 9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Azusa, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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1181 feet
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This trip takes you along the banks of the east fork of the San Gabriel River. While the river banks are wooded and quite lovely, most of the trail traverses the rim above the high water line and most of your travel is through scrub brush. The highlight of the hike is a mysterious bridge built over the east fork in 1936, which has no road leading to it. Actually, in the 1930's a road did lead to it, but was swept away by floods in 1938. There are some small trails that lead down to the stream just after you cross the bridge. This is a stunning setting with shear pink tinted granite walls, roaring cascades, and the lovely bridge in the background. Route finding was a bit challenging with many day use trails mixed in with the main trail, washed out sections of trail, and over a half dozen stream crossings (bring waterproof boots even when the water is low). There are many swimming holes. The trail along the East Fork of the San Gabriel River to the Bridge to Nowhere is not only one of the best trails in the San Gabriel Mountains, but it's also one of the most unique hiking experiences you'll ever have. After you leave the crowded (and overused) trailhead area, you will increasingly find yourself awed by the rugged canyons deep in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Multiple river crossings and shaded glens await you on this trek, with the final destination a 130-foot concrete span bridge leftover from an attempt to build a road north through the canyon. Most of the road is gone now, but the bridge still stands - and is full of bungee jumpers on the weekends. A short trail down from the bridge leads to some top-notch swimming holes, making this a perfect hike on a hot, summer day. Plan on getting your feet wet and bring bug repellent

1 hour ago

Great hike. Is bit tough for first timers as the trail is not marked. You also have to cross the river a few time so you may get wet

3 days ago

Great hike! Be sure to follow someone who’s done before as trails are not as defined in some areas... deff not recommended for inexperienced or the young... many areas have loose gravel with very steep drops.. and you will get wet when crossing water, it’s only water.

4 days ago

Heavy traffic on sunny Saturdays, but tons of fun.

8 days ago

Fun hike with a bunch of fun and energetic people. I loved all of the water crossings — (yes you are most likely to get wet!) and the unusual setting and history of the bridge itself. Very cool experience! And yes, we did see sheep there!

8 days ago

Looks like there’s some conflicting information about closures on here. You can only access East Fork Rd from highway 39. Other entrances are closed.

11 days ago

As of 01/06/2018 the trail is still blocked. Not allowed any bike, car or human to get in.

16 days ago

That is an awesome trail and great way to break in the new year! No crowds and easy to navigate. Highly recommended

18 days ago

We hiked this starting just before sunset. With a full-ish moon and clear skies, it made for beautiful sights in spite of the darkness, but I wouldn't recommend it on wetter months. Bring dry socks.

The bridge is one hell of a destination. Will definitely hike again.

18 days ago

This trail is way too populated and very crowded. The swimming/jumping at the creek below is also crowded as well. Aside from that, its not a bad hike.

trail running
19 days ago

As of 29th of December 2017 all routes to here have been closed. Not sure when they reopen but call the ranger station before you go since most likely it’ll be closed for a while. Just a head up

Great for families

28 days ago

Hard but beautiful hike... make sure you take enough water because we ran out. It was below 50 degrees when we started & 98 degrees when we came out. The trail wasn’t well marked but it was definitely one of the best hikes I’ve been on. Our gps clocked it at 13 miles.

30 days ago

Had so much fun doing this Hike ..

1 month ago

Honestly it was nice to see the bridge but I will not be returning any time soon. I got lost several times and I fell into the river. I recently hiked Mt. Baldy and I have to save I did not feel as sad afterwords. It was often difficult to distinguish the actual trail from other footpaths. With this in mind make sure to go during the day and bring plenty of snacks and water and don't go alone.

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes in Southern California and one of the only ones that I know of that you can walk along a river AND see big horned sheep (we saw 4 today). The problem is the hike is poorly marked so you can end up backtracking, crossing the river unnecessarily, and wasting time. On the map, the 3rd to last waypoint suggests scanning the ridge to find the trail. This IS NOT AN OPTION!! You absolutely MUST find the trail at this point otherwise you will not reach the bridge. All the trails that lead up to the ridge are very steep and it is very easy to miss! You end up climbing significantly the last mile or so and if you miss this trail than you will never make it to the bridge.

1 month ago

1 month ago

it Was a great day
don't miss it

1 month ago

Awesome hike. For first timers keep a Eye open for the trail that takes you up to the bridge once you’re about 3/4 in of the trail it will be on your right side. It was my first time and I missed it I had to hike back down and get the trail going up to the bridge.

1 month ago

Extremely hot in the summer. don't bring your dog.

1 month ago

Closer to 11 miles, and strenuous in the dark! Especially at the water crossings. A big horn within a few feet came down to say hello, enjoyed seeing him on the way down.

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