Photos of Dipsea to Matt Davis to Zig Zag Loop

Distance: 16.0 miles Elevation Gain: 3,382 feet Route Type: Loop




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5 months ago

This is a great hike that loops together two of the bay area's best trails (Dipsea & Matt Davis) in their entirety. This would be an option to doing the "Double Dipsea" which is the out & back version of just the Dipsea trail. I usually prefer loops to out & backs. But Matt Davis stops well short of Mill Valley, so a combination of the unmarked "ZigZag trail" and Cascade Drive are used to get you back to where you started. ZigZag is pretty technical; I would have preferred to go up it instead of down. And Cascade Drive is a nice walk through a sleepy Mill Valley neighborhood that follows Old Mill Creek. If I have to walk along a road to make a loop work, this is the one of the nicest roads to walk on (although there isn't a sidewalk). The track that is posted for this trail needs some work. First of all, the starting point is a ways off from where Dipsea actually starts and the directions took me to someone's house. You want to park and start around Old Mill Park. I'm assuming the track was uploaded by someone who started their recording at their house. So that needs corrected.