Old Briones Road Trail

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Briones Regional Park

Old Briones Road Trail is a 5.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lafayette, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 5.2 miles Elevation Gain: 770 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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horseback riding

nature trips

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wild flowers


Connect Diablo View/Spengler/Old Briones Road/Pine Tree/Orchard Trail for a pleasant 4.6 mile loop that has views of Mt. Diablo and the John Muir Nature Area

3 months ago

Very windy!! Not sure if it was just that day, my first time there but winds so strong can blow you down

no shade
off trail
3 months ago

I got lost but a good loop after all

5 months ago

no shade
9 months ago

Beautiful trail, but beware, it gets scorching hot and there very little shade. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and cold water.

Lots of up and down, accidental shortcut, lizards, quail, woodpecker, wild turkey, cows, hot, one good rock spot for lunch

Pretty views, not much shade, wild turkey, quail, lizards, woodpeckers.

Sun Apr 07 2019

the trail was great today. The cows were a little territorial but other than that it was great. I wouldn't do in the summer or hottest part of the day as there isn't a lot of coverage along the whole trail.

Sun Mar 17 2019

Was hoping it wouldn't be super muddy, but there were several small streams crossing the trail. Didn't make it to the end because the kids couldn't make it through

Sat Feb 09 2019

Very muddy when it rains. Almost unhikable. Beautiful views.

Sun Aug 12 2018

Peaceful and pleasant morning walk. A bit dusty this time of the year.

Fri Feb 23 2018

great hike. we even kept going to the top of one of the hills. fantastic views to bencia to marin once you get to the top.

Mon Dec 25 2017

We parked at the Bear Creek Staging Area which costs $3 for parking if someone is at the kiosk or it's free to park if nobody is there to collect your money when you drive in. This hike is a series of trails, so make sure you print out the pdf of the park map to bring with you and compare it to the map from All Trails. Even with that, we still managed to get lost. There is a lot of cow poop along the trail, so you will want to watch your feet so you don't step in any. You will also pass by cows who are near the trail, but they didn't bother us when we went and I made sure to give them space. This trail made for a good winter hike and there was a bench mid way at 'Table Top' where we had our lunch. There are no significant features along the trail other than rolling hills and a couple small pools of water. I wouldn't take someone hiking here to impress them, but it's a good trail if you want to experience hiking at this park at least once.

Tue Nov 14 2017

Pretty, tons of cows, but a little on the short side. I ended up making this a loop via the crest and valley trail. Would definitely come back again.

Sat Sep 30 2017

Try and spot the coyote. I’ve seen one each time I have hiked this trail. It’s pretty neat

Mon May 01 2017

Beautiful wildflowers.

Fri Feb 24 2017

Great trail for a levels of hikers.

Sat Oct 29 2016

Nice loop options, shade, sun, hills, views. Beautiful place!

Thu Oct 13 2016

Instead of going out and back on the Briones Road Trail, I made a loop by going up to the Mott Peak Trail and the down to the Abrigo Valley Trail. This way I made the hike a bit invigorating and a little more interesting. Total distance was 4.4 miles with elevation 709 feet. It was still a moderate hike. For detail please my recorded track.

Fri Sep 16 2016

Briones was my go to hiking area close to the house for a decade. Great place to hike in the winter and spring. Not uncommon to see a few deer and the last time i was there in june I saw a Coyote about 200 yards away. We were peeking at each other through some trees... It was one of my training areas to do a few backpacking trips.

Sat Jul 02 2016

Excellent trail. It's fun to see the cows. I'd like go to again when the grass is green.

Mon May 23 2016

Mix of bush and open spaces, great views

Mon May 09 2016

Easy short hike, under 2 hours. Nice scenery, some steep inclines and declines but not entirely uphill the entire time :) It was cool to hang out with the cows in the field, but mind the cow poop all over the trail too. Our hike turned into a game of dodging poop for a while there, which was not in the least pleasant!

Wed Mar 30 2016

Great trail but got hit by a downpour up on the ridge. Other than that lots of fun

Sun Mar 20 2016

Great for a Sunday morning trail! Steep 2-3 and decent 2-3.

Sun Sep 27 2015

I Love it out here for trail running and rucking!

Mon Jul 07 2014

Great trail! Had equal parts of lush, shaded areas with lots of trees and open areas with no shade whatsoever. The hike was medium steepness so it was perfect for beginner hikers like myself. Always bring lots of water, sunblock and light food and youre good to go! Have fun!

Sat Nov 24 2012

I needed an easy trail to take some friends and get them started in hiking. This was the ticket. I use my phone to track the hike and upload it to this site. We stopped after a couple of hours and had a nice lunch under a nice tree. The son of my friend had a great time climbing the tree and even got me up for a moment. The rest of the way was full of great conversation and beautiful sights.

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