Dunsmore Canyon and Le Mesanger Loop Trails

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Dunsmore Canyon and Le Mesanger Loop Trails is a 3.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Glendale, California that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 3.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,036 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash


nature trips


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19 days ago

Two separate trails but combine to make a nice afternoon hike, great views of the Crescenta Valley and beyond on a clear day. I love hiking here to watch the sunset.

3 months ago

Was an uphill battle of blood, sweat and tears, then a downhill race against the diarrhea that decided to surprise me at the top.

no shade
7 months ago

The trail was uphill for the first part and does flatten. You are essentially walking up a wash. It is easy for dogs and there are poop bags and trash cans at the beginning of the trails. I gave this trail a four star because all the signs were hard to spot since the fauna was covering them.

9 months ago

A good warm up for Crescenta View Trail. Was a bit washed out but hey, it’s been a wet year.

Good easy trail. Not much shade cover so go early in day or liberally apply sunscreen. The Le messenger loop is a separate trail that you can just add on to make your hike longer and more scenic. Without the messenger loop it’s just Straight up and back. Loop has some better scenery. End of the trail is actually before the map says so. A nice bench for sitting and the creek is right beside you to listen too. Good trail. Will do again. Only real downside is like most foothills trails it’s got a ton of rocks.

Sat Dec 08 2018

this was a relatively easy hike we shortened it up by going on mummy Rock Trail came back at the West End and we started at the East End things are starting to come to life because of the rain we had but the Basin is still not full

Tue Oct 09 2018

This really is an in and out trail with the option of going back a different way. The scenery was pretty homogeneous, and the trail a straight line to the top with little variation in incline. I went on a hot day and had to duck under a tree to get reprieve from the sun, otherwise the only source of shade is at the end of the path at the top. I appreciated the trail mostly for the exercise and the solitude as few others were present on the trail.

Fri May 25 2018

This trail was awesome! I came up here early on a weekday morning and still was surprised to see a good number of hikers. The trail is fairly open but there was a nice breeze and bits of shade throughout as it was still early morning. This land is very inspiring and quite serene. There is a tree shaded area at the dead end with a bench that was perfect for a nice chill, music making session, and morning meditation. I vlogged my hike so you can check out the trail ahead of time! Vlog: I also put together a playlist of music for hikers to bring on the trail :) Playlist:

Mon Mar 26 2018

This is a beautiful little place with several trails and options. Went after a storm and everything was incredibly lush. It is a steady incline on the Dunsmore Trail from start to finish, but the Le Messanger Loop is a bit nicer on the legs. We actually started from Foothill Blvd instead of the trail head in order to add a few more miles and about 500 additional feet in elevation...a decision my legs are paying for now.

Fri Nov 24 2017

Good trail width and well kept. Steady incline the whole way with consistent features with a small shaded bench at the end. Not much payoff but great for an easy straight trail run up and down. Boring if you like canyons, trees, waterfall hikes.

Thu Nov 02 2017

It was a little difficult but short great work out. There are alot of other small trails with nice views near by

Sun Aug 27 2017

We took the Dunsmore Canyon trail, and it was steep and rocky. Not a lot of shade. I would like to try some of the others-- it seems like we accidentally chose the one that was relentlessly uphill.

Thu Aug 24 2017

One of my favorite hiking spots.

Mon Apr 17 2017

Haven't done this trail since all of the recent rains. There was water in the stream and the trail was very overgrown. Great hike that has sun, shade and amazing views on clear days.

Sat Apr 01 2017

Nice place. Bring lots of sunblock, it's best to be half way done before the heat hits you. We started at 7am and got a nice view. They also have pretty clean restroom and parking lot.

Mon Mar 13 2017

This trail was a very decent hiking start for my wife and me back in California. Awesome views of other mountains in the LA area. Who knew?

Wed Jul 20 2016

Pretty fun trail for sure if you do the loop up to Lukens (counter clockwise). I saw some reviews saying it was just over 9 miles but my GPS recorded it at 11 miles. Trail is narrow in some places with some overgrowth but pretty decently marked. Although contrary to my actions, I would resist the urge to do it mid day, in mid July.

Sun Jun 12 2016

Love it. I have a 11 year old girl and a 6 year boy and they enjoyed it.

Sun May 22 2016

Nice hike. Lots of different paths. Some rocky unstable terrain. Lots of bugs. Nice park at the bottom.

Sat Feb 08 2014

What wonderful park. Much more than I would expect from a city park. I paid a first visit a couple of days ago and started exploring the Rim of the Valley trail. It starts off through some rolling hills, crosses a canyon stream bed, and then begins to climb to some decent elevation. There were no trail maps either posted or for pickup, so I wasn't quite sure where I was headed or how far to go. I only saw two other hikers on this cold and drizzly weekday, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. However I saw rain and more wind blowing in, so after an hour plus of hiking I turned around and headed back to the trailhead. I wasn't prepared for an extend hike in weather that day, but I look forward to going back better prepared for a more extensive exploration.

Thu Nov 07 2013

Did the Le Mesnager Loop just to check it out. Was a great warmup to do before breakfast. It is not crowded, trails are well marked, and there are great views of the Crescenta Valley below. You are completely exposed, so bring the water and sunscreen. My girlfriend left her water behind thinking it would be more trouble than it was worth on this light hike. She sure was happy I brought hers and mine because there is almost no shade to speak of.

Tue Jul 16 2013

I love spending my weekend afternoons here! My mom and I have come here many times, and it never disappoints. There are many different trails you can go on, and all of them are wonderful. If you don't have much time, I highly suggest that you do the loop trail (only about 2 to 2.5 miles, I think?). At a certain point during the trail, you'll come across a rock bench where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the view! The only thing is that the trails have no shade at all, so come with plenty of sunscreen!! During the summer, I suggest you come in the late-afternoon to evening when it is cooler :)

Sun Mar 10 2013

This trailhead is access to a variety of different trails. Had we stuck to the loop it would have been a nice easy and enjoyable little hike. We chose to break off and go up the (something) Rim trail for a couple miles, which was really pretty and takes you up the ridge line via a little canyon. There is a decent elevation gain, and it was a lot of fun. The trail continues for a few miles I think, but we'll have to come back when we are more prepared for that distance!

Thu Nov 22 2012

Nice quick incline workout hike if you start the Le Mesnager loop from the right side. The trail and surroundings are very well maintained with no trash or graffiti. Nice view from the breakout at the top of the loop. Great for kids, pets and bikes. Also the Le Mesnager barn is very cool....

Mon Nov 12 2012

We started this hike today around 8am. The parking was completely empty but we saw a couple of people walking on the main trail. We did the rim of the valley trail which is labeled as 'very hard', we didn't complete it due to shortage on time (we did 5.8mi. round trip). The views we got to see from the summit were breathtaking. I'll definitely be back to complete the rim of the valley trail.

Sun Jul 08 2012

Nice easy hike for kids. We took the Le Mesnager Loop which is off to the left of main trail. About 1 1/2 miles and probably 300 foot elevation gain. A nice 50 foot breakout trail near the top gives you a spectacular panoramic view. Not much cover as area is still recovering from fires in 2009.

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