Deep Creek Hot Springs Trail

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Deep Creek Hot Springs Trail is a 3.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Arrowhead, California that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.6 miles
921 feet
Out & Back

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This is a short hike to natural hot springs within the San Bernardino National Forest of Southern California. This is a day-use area only and no overnight camping is permitted. You can enter the trail from Bowen Ranch Road, where you will pay a $5 per person entrance fee (not per vehicle) at the entrance to the parking area. If you do not have a 4x4 vehicle, consider a different route. The dirt road is very bumpy and rocky. From the trailhead, it is an easy 2 mile hike downhill to the Mojave River and the adjacent hot springs. The descent is a steep hill and can be sandy in areas. Once at the hot springs, there are several pools to choose from. The Pacific Crest Trail can be accessed from the hot springs. With warm temperatures in a high desert area, sunscreen and plenty of water are necessary for your hike. There is a natural drinking water source located behind the hot pools which drains out of a copper pipe which can be used for refills. The hike back out of deep creek canyon to the parking lot is all uphill and can be very steep at times. At the springs, clothing is optional, so if nudity offends you you may want to choose another hike. This hike is kids friendly, but again, there is nudity at the pools that may influence your decision to bring kids.

1 day ago

awesome natural feature. right off the PCT. downhill going in and up hill going out.

6 days ago

Extremely steep hike. About one hour to the springs. Leave when you have plenty of sunlight the trails are very confusing in the dark. We ended up sleeping on the mountain because we could not find our way back at night. Don't do it. Other than that absolutely gorgeous and worth the strenuous hike. Federal land so be prepared to see a lot of penis and other body parts of strangers that you could probably live without.

1 month ago

it is such a nice hot springs and little swimming area to go during the summer time perfect but recommend not taking kids lot of nudity

1 month ago

Sick trail. Pack light. Swim trunks. Back with a warm cloths inside. Bring a water bottle to refill. Water taste good.

1 month ago

Awesome, hot spring was very warm. Good hike

2 months ago

I chose to come from the 173 to Bradford Ridge to get to the springs, and I'm very glad I did! I think October-March is the perfect time to go. Either way is worth the trip, but here are some comparisons:

From Bowen Ranch: hike south
-Have to drive a few miles on I paved road
-Costs $5 a person or $10 ea to camp
-Mike, the gatekeeper, can be unsettling
-1.5 mile hike to hot springs

From Bradford Ridge: hike north
-Limited parking, but fully paved roads
-Free with no gatekeeper
-2.4 mile hike to hot springs
-Relatively flat trail, except for last 0.2 miles

2 months ago

Did this hike for the first time today. Beautiful scenic hike on the way down. Make sure to bring enough water to have on the way back. It’s all uphill. Yes there were naked men all over and you have to laugh at that. Went to other side of hit springs where there was a man performing oral sex on another. There are families there with children. Kinda got the wrong vibe when I saw that. On way back there was a sheriff helicopter circling the area maybe someone made a call. Besides that it is a beautiful scenic hike.

3 months ago

What a great discovery! Had a blast in the Jeep driving in via Juniper Flats. Snacked off the Holly Cherry bush on the way down and enjoyed a great swim and soak.

3 months ago

I knew to expect some amazing hot springs, but I didn’t know the hike itself would be spectacular as well. It’s a fairly easy hike, but I’m sure it’s more brutal when it’s super hot out (I went on a relatively cool day).

There are multiple small hot springs scattered around a swimming hole. Absolutely amazing! We had fun hopping from one to another and testing out the different water temperatures. We were able to sit in the hottest one for plenty of time (other reviewers have said only a few seconds so maybe the temp changes).

3 months ago

This is an amazing experience. my family's come here for years but I just went for my 2nd time. this time my 5 year old daughter came along. She walked every step of the way on her own. The hot springs were perfect and it was perfect at night.

Note, bring plenty of water and a purification system and refile from the creek before you go back up. If you stay the night, fires are not allowed but happen. PLEASE PACK OUT YOUR TRASH.

3 months ago

Unbelievable. Best Springs ive been to thus far. Highly recommend. VERY STEEP ON THE WAY BACK UP. Beautiful scenery, MANY NAKED DUDES. Cool.

4 months ago

Follow this map not google maps. Make sure to park at Bowen Ranch. Pull up to the window, where a grumpy man will charge you 5$ per person. I understand why he is grumpy though due to some irresponsible hikers who go here. Follow the map that he gives you and the most walked path.

Take lots of water, sunscreen and food. We had to help some fellow hikers that got lost and were able to get back on the actual trail get airlifted out of there due to dehydration. Be prepared, especially during the summer!

Pools were beautiful! Very hot during the summer, we weren't able to stay in them for more that a few seconds.

Fair amount of nudist and weed smokers. Not my cup of tea, but it was a good one time hike. Highly recommend going at least once to see the hot spring pools (:

4 months ago

I love this place. Make sure you take lots of water and food.

5 months ago

First time there.. first you stop at a ranch , they charge $5.00 for each person . You park on is property but it's safe to park there.. then it's a 2 mile hike that's 45 minutes going downhill uphill took us 1hr.. take water and snacks... and some shorts to take a swim... p.s. There nude ..but I had a great time .. I will be back but more in shape to take that hike again....

5 months ago

My all-time perfect Sunday. No glass no trash no Tanlines

5 months ago

Went there yesterday and it was pretty nice for a first time visit! Met a lot of cool people and of course, there were people who went nude. I personally didn't mind, nothing wrong with bodies when we all have them. We started from Bowen Ranch, the road was very bumpy and we almost got stuck in the sand. The hike down wasn't bad at all, but there were times where we had to slide down because of the downhill sandy parts of the trail. The water was pretty warm when we got to the creek, so I didn't go into the springs because of them obviously being higher in temperature. But they were nice to look at. Swam around in the creek and was there for about two hours. We left at around 1:30 and didn't get back to the ranch until just about 3:00. For water, we brought a 1.5 liter, a 32oz, and a 24oz water and even that wasn't enough. Thank goodness for the people we met down at the creek, they gave us an extra Dasani regular size water bottle in addition to the 1.5 liter we had left and it was the exact amount we needed or else we would have ran out on the hike back. Definitely don't underestimate how much water you're bringing!! It was nice for a first visit, but I probabaly wouldn't come back unless I get more experienced in doing these kinds of trails more often and if it's around the spring/fall/winter. I personally can't handle the heat so this is not something I would do again in the summer

5 months ago

So much fun!! The hot springs are worth the distance. Just make sure to bring a lot of water, sunscreen, and snacks! I wouldn't say that it is a family hike though; there are naked people and the hike is pretty vigorous.

6 months ago

Went there last week for the first time. Bowen ranch guy was not so happy.It was my first time there. Lady was nice. Go through somewhere else if you can. Dirt road will take you at least 30 min with the small car.

7 months ago

It was fun! The creek is awesome, the water is cool and refreshing and the hot springs were like built in hot tubs! Expect to see nudity, lots of skinny dippers! We went on a time crunch ( I had to be at work by 3pm and we arrived at 10:30am). The hike down took about 40-45 minutes, we second guessed our direction a few times otherwise it would have been much quicker to get down. The way up took about 45 minutes, this is with 3-4 breaks to catch our breath). Started our hike at 10:30 got down to the creek at 11:05 swam for about 15 minutes headed back up around 11:30 reached our car at 12:15! It was fun but reserve a day for it to make it a more enjoyable experience! We will definitely go back again with no time limit

7 months ago

This is my favorite place ! The hike up is hard but always enjoy my time down there

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