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Coastal Trail, Miwok Trail, and Bonita Lighthouse Loop

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Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Coastal Trail, Miwok Trail, and Bonita Lighthouse Loop is a 8.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Sausalito, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 8.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,430 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash



bird watching



partially paved


wild flowers


NOTE: No dogs on the Point Bonita Trail portion leading to the lighthouse. The Point Bonita Lighthouse is only open Sun-Mon 1230p-330p.

Beautiful trail with amazing views and lots of open sky to gaze into the ocean or back towards the San Francisco Bay. Well melted and flat.

Good. Good views on a clear day.

Great hike. Beaches to relax for a snack, historical sights, beautiful views,

Went counterclockwise. Picked a very windy day to go-couldn’t stand near the edge of looks outs it was that gusty. Beautiful views of coast on the way up but passed by two large (10+) packs of bicyclists on the way up and another pack after the trail joined miwok.

no shade
2 months ago

Great hike ..although I was unable to see the Point Bonita Lighthouse (closed) open Sun-Mon 1230p-330p . Weather was wonderful , not that much people traffic . Counterclockwise.

7 months ago

Went to brake in some new boots. Trail was more of a road and it was pretty busy. Nice variety of terrain and views.

Awesome hike. Was about 9 miles. Great views of the water. It was busy with other hikers throughout. The last couple miles there were a ton of people.

Outstanding.. so crisp and clear, so encouraging and fun.. also.. lower levels of the trails are packed with people after 10am

no shade
7 months ago

no shade
9 months ago

I went counter-clockwise, tackling the climb first. There were a few steeper parts on the Wolf Ridge portion but they were never very long - overall I’d rate the full 8.5 miles as easy/moderate. But wow I was pretty surprised by the path from Rodeo Beach up to the Bonita Lighthouse. You’re on beach/sand for a spell - wasn’t expecting that - and then there’s quite a steep, unsteady ascent up a very sandy rock outcropping. I felt very uneasy and was very worried about keeping my balance! Thankfully it was a very small portion of the overall trail and I made it up ok, but I would rate that one portion as HARD and I would never have deliberately followed that route. There’s probably a way to walk a longer way around on paved roads but I was dead set on sticking to the trail.

9 months ago

Nice trail, well maintained! Took us about 2.5 hours counterclockwise and was enjoyable even in the fog. Not a lot of room to walk back along Field Road from the lighthouse to the Visitor Centre. Would recommend doubling back and walking along the coastal trail along the lagoon instead.

10 months ago

Pretty hike around some interesting areas- but not great for a trail run. Sections were un-runnable for a variety of reasons (awkward stairs, steep slippery rocks, crowds, sand, super narrow). Then last section around the forts felt strange to include so I'd probably skip that part. But overall some great views.

This was a beautiful trail hike to take early in the morning as the fog is rolling in. If you go counterclockwise you tackle the uphill climb first and open up to beautiful views of the ocean, rodeo beach, and the city. As you wind past The beach and over the cliffs wonderful views of the Golden gate Bridge and San Francisco highlight your hike. Take the time to stop and check out the lighthouse and all that historic armaments.

11 months ago

Really good trail and dog friendly! There is some mountain, beach, ocean, lots of wildflowers ! Great!!

Great trail that’s dog friendly, the ending is a little strange though. You walk through rodeo beach and along a Main Street for about a mile. Otherwise amazing views.

Beautiful hike with our dog ! Great views of the beach

Sat Apr 06 2019

Amazing hike! You do walk along the road for a portion but it isn’t for too long and the road has enough room on the side so you aren’t physically on it. Definitely will do again in the future!

Sun Mar 31 2019

First day of Spring started off with a hike. we came with Peter, Ivy and the girls. It was a nice time, we saw a small dog get mauld by a bigger one.

Sun Mar 03 2019

I love this trail. Come after it rains and you'll see the wildlife come out. Came early and we walked up along the clouds/fog. The view was breathtaking. We follow the trail and went counter clockwise and was able to see the ocean while making our way down the trail. Definitely plenty to see on the west side of the trail. I would go early as this place tends to have more foot traffic as the day gets warmer. Overall, it was a good trail to get your heart rate up.

Sun Feb 17 2019

this is now one of my favorite places to go in the Bay area, but as some of the other reviewers have said, skip the loop and focus on the real hero area which is Roscoe Beach and the coastal trail. as the loop goes, the park rangers recommend a counterclockwise approach so that you are facing all the coastal views as you descend. if doing the full loop, that's right, but I now like parking at Roscoe, hiking up, playing around on the myriad of peaks and trails on the various hills, and then coming back down. also note that the out-and-back section to the lighthouse is not dog-friendly. also, yesterday, that part was closed given all the rain lately.

Sun Nov 04 2018

Beautiful hike, highly recommend making the short hike to see the Nike Missile Launch site. It’s the only one in the US still open to the public. Open Saturdays 12-4pm

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