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Coastal and Fox Trails Loop is a 6.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Sausalito, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 6.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,676 feet Route Type: Loop


nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers


no shade

no dogs

The Coastal Trail offers picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. Hike up from Muir Beach all the way to Muir Woods. From the Muir Beach parking area take the first left and continue on the Coastal Trail

5 months ago

Awesome trail. Better in the summer

no shade
10 months ago

8am counterclockwise 6.66 miles 2.25hrs loop. Challenge up and down hills. Beatiful coastal view . Seen a pack of dolphins . Wide clear trail . Early hike less people around . Pretty popular place . Really makes you break a sweat. Jogged last 3 miles . Hiking shoes definitely due to up hill rocky trail .

no shade
10 months ago

11 months ago

Amazing scenery, good distance and climbs for a morning hike. did this clockwise on a shady day. Could be super hot if sunny since there is no shade. Go early to avoid the crowds and get parking. Finish up with a beer and snacks at the Pelican inn!

Sun Apr 07 2019

Beautiful day for this hike. Weather cooperated quite nice. Flowers along the trail, along with the views of the ocean and city in the background made this an excellent experience.

no shade
Sat Jan 26 2019

Sun Oct 07 2018

Got to the Muir beach parking lot at 9 on a Sunday and didn’t have trouble finding a spot. Hike is really worth the tough hills. Excellent views breezy and sunny on a good day. I took the coastal trail path way first- either way you are going to have lots of hills

Wed Jul 18 2018

Good close to SF exercise hike with good Pacific views.

Wed Jan 10 2018

This trail has some REALLY steep hills! Not a lot of shade so bring a hat. Wide open paths, great views and a beach area to relax on afterwards. Busy trial and parking is busy so get there early!!

Sat Nov 25 2017

This was a great trail! A lot of ups and downs that will get your heart pumping. I would recommend going left first on the Fox trail side. There is a lot of fog in the morning, so if you want to see the actual ocean views, the fog will disappear by the time you get to the coastal side. There is a little side trail, that is kind of steep that will take you down to Pirates Cove, if you are interested. Alltrails says this is a dog friendly hike, but the signs on Fox trail side says it's not. We had dogs and decided to continue on and saw other dogs, so just be aware of this. Also, there are ticks. A tick was found on one of the dogs that was with us. There were other dogs on the trail that had a few as well.

Sun Nov 19 2017

Great hike with beautiful views! Hills are fairly steep.

Sun Oct 01 2017

spectacular views from the coastal trail. start the loop with the fox trail if you want to get the steepest part out of the way. the trail is exposed so bring sun protection especially if you hike later in the day. get there early to find a parking spot!

Sat Sep 16 2017

Steep climbs at times but lovely views! Highly recommend

Thu Aug 24 2017

Hiked clockwise from the Muir Beach parking lot on Coastal Trail Road which becomes the Coastal Fire Road and then becomes the Fox Trail. Steep uphill climb for about 1 mile. The fire road is very well maintained but is not very interesting. Second half of the loop is on the connecting Coastal Trail, which is more rugged and has dramatic views. This is the part of the hike that makes it worth coming back to. No tree cover for shade; open the entire way. Hiking time: 2 hr 45 min.

Sun Jul 23 2017

I did this loop from the Muir Beach parking lot, turned right and went down to the beach, hiked up to Coastal Fire Road, Coastal Trail, and continued to the Tennessee Valley Trail. On return, I turned left and hiked up to the Fox Trail and then the Coastal Fire Road which led me back to where I started. Total distance was 6.3 miles and rated moderate. It was a great hike. I enjoyed the cool misty coastal fog and wind.

Wed May 24 2017

You can no longer do this trail as it is mapped here. Going clockwise, the trail North along the ridge from the Tennessee Valley Beach Overlook is closed. You have to double back and take the Coastal Ridge Fire Road about a half mile back from the beach. If you go counter clock wise, you won't end up at a dead end and will go right past the closed trail.

Sun Apr 09 2017

Coastal trail portion was amazing, fox trail was pretty good.

Sat Mar 18 2017

Its a great hike. We started at Tennessee Valley Trailhead and did counter-clockwise. The Ocean view was awesome. Most of the trail has no shade at all.

Sun Mar 05 2017

Did this trail today! Absolutely beautiful. However, the trail over the ridge was definitely intended to be closed although we followed it. Slightly sketchy after all of the rain we have had recently. A few friends weren't fond of this part of the trail. This is easy to avoid if you fork left on the main trail instead of right over the ridge. Once we exited the ridge we saw "no hiking" signs.

Fri Feb 17 2017

Sun Oct 23 2016

DOG OWNERS - Please be aware that the fox trail in fact does not allow dogs. While this was an absolutely amazing hike we were stopped and told that dogs were not allowed. We found a different way back on miwok which does allow dogs but does not loop back to Muir Beach parking in an efficient way. We ended up risking it and taking some dog prohibited trails in order to get back to the car.

Mon Jun 13 2016

This trail was a bit confusing, but it could be that we are new to hiking. We were trying to go on the short "Slackers Hill" trail for the views, and the directions led us to a parking area near Coastal Trail. There weren't any signs for the Slackers Hills trail so we decided to just follow all of the Coastal Trail signs, which ended up being really nice. There are so many different ways you can go, I'm honestly not sure where on the trail we ended up. It did get a bit difficult, but well worth it. We ended up at a beach, where you can also see Point Bonita. The trail is fairly quiet, you'll run into runners & bicyclists every 15 minutes. The area we were at, was near an overlooking point, so there were a lot of tourists and people there taking pictures. Other than that, it was fun :)

Sat Feb 27 2016

Good view to left of Muir beach along the cliff. Steep climb up the hill. But view is worth it.

Mon Mar 18 2013

I give 5 stars for the view not the workout. I loved the ocean...view. Great place to bring kids and play. One must love California:))

Mon Apr 09 2012

Great view of the Pacific Ocean, Tennessee Cove, and Muir Beach.

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