Clark Range Circuit

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Clark Range Circuit is a 39.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Oakhurst, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October.

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A multi-day loop in Yosemite's High Country without the crowds. Spend several days circling Yosemite's Clark Range, and the source of the Merced River, enjoying big mountains, open spaces, and cold blue lakes without the crowds normally associated with the words "Yosemite." Expect to spend approximately 5 days on this hike. This trail begins at the Quartz Mountain trailhead, which has the shortest approach hike. There are many other trailheads that can be used as a starting point, however, such as Chiquito Pass (the drive to which is all paved), the Fernandez Trailhead, or even Yosemite Valley itself (although that involves a 16-mile 5000' approach to the loop). Entering Yosemite from the south, at Chiquito Pass, the trail meanders through the forest before reaching a junction to the Chain Lakes - an excellent place to stop for a mellow first day's hike. From the Chain Lakes junction, the primary trail heads west and then north to Moraine Meadows and the South Fork Merced River, where the moraines are barely in evidence and the meadows not much more. From here, take the long climb to forested Merced Pass; Upper Merced Pass Lake is a lovely place to stay and the first reliable water since the South Fork Merced River. After Merced Pass, you continue winding upwards and soon break out of the trees, getting great views of Red Peak, Ottoway Peak, and Merced Peak. Lower Ottoway Lake is heavily used, but for a reason: it is a stunning campsite, with a beautiful subalpine lake surrounded by peaks 2,000 feet taller. Upper Ottoway Lake, "only" 800 feet higher, is stunning too but for its austerity, with only tiny plants surviving amidst the talus. The camping here is limited and windy. From Upper Ottoway Lake it is another 800 vertical feet to Red Peak Pass, where a panorama across much of Yosemite unfolds. The descent from Red Peak Pass and across the high open country of the north side of the Clark Range is gorgeous, and should be prolonged as long as possible, with wide-open country and expansive views. Camping and water are readily available through this entire area until the descent to the Triple Peak Fork of the Merced River. At the Triple Peak Fork you could head north to Washburn Lake and the High Sierra camp there, but this route climbs back up towards Post Peak Pass. You'll reach a big open bowl at 10,000' which is -- once again -- stunning. Once you finally decide to leave this basin, there is an 800-foot climb to the crest of the Clark Range and a traverse to Post Peak Pass, then a leg-jarring descent to geologically-intriguing Porphyry Lake. At this point you've left Yosemite for the Ansel Adams Wilderness and the trail gets noticeably harder to follow. After Porphyry Lake, the route descends once again into the forest and while water is available the camping isn't great until you climb back up to the Rutherford Lake area. From Rutherford Lake, the route climbs up to Fernandez Pass and then plunges back into Yosemite towards Breeze Lake and its downstream siblings. Camping is good at the siblings. From here, descend back to Moraine Meadows, to the Chain Lakes Junction, and out across Chiquito Pass and to the trailhead.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Do people really go back there or is it just you and Tom Harrison? I plan to hike from Mammoth Lakes to either the valley or Wawona via Fernandez Pass

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

It took us 6 days to do the 40 miles with 4 passes. The trail was in excellent condition, thanks to NPS and NFS trail crews. We especially enjoyed trail from Merced Pass to Fernandez Pass. Nice views of Banner, Ritter and Minarets from Post Peak Pass. NFS in Oakhurst has wilderness permits and rents bear canisters, call them for availability, and they have maps to Quartz Mountain trailhead (almost 2 hrs of driving on dirt roads)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday, May 25, 2015