Chiquito Pass Trail

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Chiquito Pass Trail is a 4.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Oakhurst, California that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.5 miles Elevation Gain: 748 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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5 months ago

08/12/19 Dayhike to pass, back to Quartz TH, then 23E07 (not showing on AllTrails map, use Caltopo) back to lake and then out to Chiquito TH. First mile of trail will have some muddy water crossings, but at this point in the season you can manage to keep your feet dry. First water crossing has the most downfall obscuring the trail. At the water, go across then left & over the log, then up & right back to the trail. AllTrails app saved me on this, even though I failed to load maps lol. Was at least able to see areas I had already been to. Took a few attempts to figure it out. Mosquitoes are bad (of course) - this is the Sierra in summer ha. I tried out a 30% deet (Bens) spray and it worked pretty good with a few applications through-out the day. I saw others on the trail hiking in bug-nets but didn't feel like it was necessary (credit the deet). I think the Sierra NF at least needs trash cans at the Trail Heads - people are using the bear-boxes at Quartz as a trash can. Pit toilet on Beasore on the way up should cover most THs in this area. 23E07 I nearly missed, not used much and was fun to follow it down. Connects Quartz TH directly to lake w/o having to use pass trail. Weather was perfect, 70s and calm and sunny =)

Fri Jul 20 2018

I love this trail in the springtime when there is still a little snow on the ground. The mosquitoes were a bit annoying for some in my group when we went during the summer, but the lake was still full which was a nice surprise.

Tue Aug 18 2015

Our family took this hike to enjoy an outdoor activity on a very hot day. The trailhead was easy to find: 20 miles on the paved Beasore Road from Bass Lake, then a left at 5So4 for 3 more miles on dirt road (approx an hour drive from Bass Lake). The trail was easy to follow and well shaded, and I would say it was 15 degrees cooler than Bass Lake (30 degrees cooler than Fresno), so it served the purpose. It was very scenic even under extreme drought conditions: there was some water in the creek that we saw/crossed a couple times and the lake appeared to be full, however uninviting for a dip as it was covered in debris (redwood droppings?). It was mostly uphill toward the lake and mostly downhill coming back. I wasn't quite acclimated to the elevation and had to take it slow on the way up. The quality of the trail is what you would expect hiking in the Sierras; You have to watch your footing especially downhill on the way back, and the trail is pretty dusty/dirty which comes with the territory.

Sun Mar 22 2015

Just took this trail today sounded very adventurous the trail was marked and well in the beginning in the upper parts of the trail we found patches of snow which made it hard to follow the trail but were able to look on the map and find the lake the lake was beautiful partially frozen but just excellent to look at and well worth the hike recommend this hike for any skill level although beginners should take their time and take several rest stops I would recommend this and plan on doing this trail several times

Wed Jul 09 2014

Went on the Chiquito Trail over the July forth weekend and it was great. The weather could not have been better with a cool breeze and white clouds in the blue sky. The trail is about a four and a half miles, round trip, out and back trail. The trail is well marked and all obstacles are cleared away. The trail traverses bear ground as well as rocky areas. The rocks are small and you have to pick your way around them or just step on top of them and there is allot of decomposing granite in the rocky areas. These rocky parts of the trail will slow your pace just a little. They are not hard to travel through, it is just your stride has to be what the rocks allow. The trail has an average 8% incline to the lake, and you may need just a couple of rest breaks. The younger more in shape hikers will hike the trail without stopping. You will want the breaks to see the beautiful area. We saw deer, granite formations, young and old trees, butterflies, and wildflowers. There is a small pound before to get to the lake. It is only twenty feet in diameter, very shallow, and do not consider this the lake. The lake is large, had water in it, but you could see from water marks on the rocks it could have been five to six feet deeper. You need to take mosquito repellent for the lake area and areas around Chiquito stream.

Thu Jan 13 2011

The only reason take this trail is to access the southern Yosemite backcountry. It's over-used, and poorly maintained until you enter the wilderness area.

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