4.5 miles
748 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly

kid friendly



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our family took this hike to enjoy an outdoor activity on a very hot day. The trailhead was easy to find: 20 miles on the paved Beasore Road from Bass Lake, then a left at 5So4 for 3 more miles on dirt road (approx an hour drive from Bass Lake). The trail was easy to follow and well shaded, and I would say it was 15 degrees cooler than Bass Lake (30 degrees cooler than Fresno), so it served the purpose. It was very scenic even under extreme drought conditions: there was some water in the creek that we saw/crossed a couple times and the lake appeared to be full, however uninviting for a dip as it was covered in debris (redwood droppings?). It was mostly uphill toward the lake and mostly downhill coming back. I wasn't quite acclimated to the elevation and had to take it slow on the way up. The quality of the trail is what you would expect hiking in the Sierras; You have to watch your footing especially downhill on the way back, and the trail is pretty dusty/dirty which comes with the territory.