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2 months ago

This campground is the best started from the icehouse Canyon trailhead in Mount Baldy California. It is 3 miles exactly and 1348 elevation that’s one way. This trip info is recorded on May 27 and 28 2018 .Hiking along a rapid flowing river creek is an easy trail with lots of boulders and rocks and steps of rocks and mud puddles and tiny little streams to crossover, navigating can be challenging for those carrying heavier loads or handicap. Once we reached the sign to turn on Chapman trail towards Cedar Glen it was sweet switchbacks all the way up to about a quarter-mile before we got to the actual camp spot, there was a clean stream of creek water good enough for filtering and water source.
The campground was wonderful plenty of spots for backpackers plenty of trees to hang hammocks, plenty of shade, plenty of rocks to sit on. Trees and branches to hang food bags. During our stay there were very few if not any critters around , we saw no bear scat or other animals scat. There were no rattlesnakes and no insects except for a few bees buzzing around and a few bumblebees. This is a perfect place to hike if you want to try out backpacking. There are other trails nearby to challenge you also you can hike further the long way up ice house Canyon trail over to the Chapman Trail and the saddle Trail
And there are several peaks for you as well. I would recommend this trail for day hiking and backpacking especially for beginners.