1.8 miles
669 feet

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wild flowers

28 days ago

This trail is just pure awesome and action packed. After trekking all around the hills admiring the beautiful landscapes and purple sage flowers we finally started our upward ascent towards the cave! It's a LEGIT cave that you can actually climb up through (no need to have rock climbing experience - just need to grab and scramble a bit). I felt like I was in some secret batman cave a bit and and there was actually a bat or two that flew out the cave. My friend and I climbed up through the cave at a pretty decent high and find a nice area to relax and chill out before our descent back to the bottom.

Pro Tip - After you leave the cave I would highly recommend taking the fire road back to the Victory Trailhead parking lot. This reminds me, when arriving at the trailhead make sure to have $3 cash so can pay for your parking spot.

UPDATE (2/20/18) : I just re-did this hike again with a close group of friends and extended it to Castle Peak! This is a must if you really want to make this a fully adventurous trail. After you explore the cave, you must climb out of the cave and go all the way to the top of the ridge. This portion is steep and also a good uphill workout that is doable. Once you reach the top, you will see in the distance two rocky peaks. The second one in the distance is Castle Peak. This trek is more isolated and rugged so make sure to watch your step. You will do some fun rock scrambling and will get incredible 360 views. Once at Castle Peak, there is a pathway down that will lead back to the trail. Take the pathway back in the direction of the caves and you will hit the parking lot trailhead.

- @justroc @just.trek