Butte Lake, Snag Lake, Twin Lake, Silver Lake Loop

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Butte Lake, Snag Lake, Twin Lake, Silver Lake Loop is a 26.9 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Westwood, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October.

26.9 miles
3353 feet





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Snag Lake ~ Rainbow Lake, Upper Twin Lake ~ Echo Lake ~ Big Bear Lake It is not currently maintained.

6 months ago

This was an introductory three night backpacking trip for my two kids. I couldn't have chosen a better back country trail for their first experience. The trail was beautiful and full of variety and wildlife all the way around, We pretty much camped alone at night as it was mid-week. Our Snag Lake campsite was surrounded by unspoiled forest and plenty of water. Our Silver Lake campsite had very little shade on arrival but was beautiful in a completely different way. You could see a burned-out forest regenerating itself, and the sunrise was spectacular. Plenty of deer at our last campsite in Rainbow Lake, which was so serene. We completed a rough figure 8 starting at Butte Lake, and I kept the mileage low so the kids wouldn't get too worn out. It's relatively flat with some climbing especially up the back of the cinder cone, which we saved for the end of our trip. What a treat! The views of Lassen Peak along with many pristine lakes along this trail are unforgettable!

6 months ago

Went on a three night backpacking trip on this figure-8 loop, had a blast! The lakes are beautiful and pristine, the wildflowers are great, all around wonderful route, and the trails are lightly trafficked (heavily trafficked on weekends near the cinder cone, however). The lakes are really the highlight.

A few hills but nothing extreme, very relaxed and pleasant. Good campsites, frequent access to water, well maintained trails. We also saw a bear! It was cute and ran away when we said hi. We were also glad we brought bear cannisters.

Negatives: Half of the trail is this volcanic sand, which is fine, but can be annoying after a while. Also there is a large burnt out section that runs from Little Bear Lake to just about before the twin lakes. It is interesting at first but not much shade.