12.4 miles
2073 feet






wild flowers


over grown

no dogs

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

This was our first official backpacking trip. We opted to go the "back way" and headed to the east side of butte lake and saved cinder cone for the second day. We got to butte lake at 4ish and started our trek. We put in 7 miles and set up camp on the southern tip of snag lake. A beautiful spot right on a little Creek with a tiny relaxing sounding waterfall. Great for cooking and filling up water wise. We saw all of 1 person on the hike in. We saw lights in the night across the lake. Snag lake is a great area but say the drought is doing a number on it as well. The second day we headed out towards the cinder cone. Took a lot longer due to the tough walking conditions in the soft Sandy cinder. The hike up the back side is not for the faint of heart as its so dry and not packed you slide back every step you take. Good boots and poles are a good idea. However the views and sense of accomplishment are well worth it! From the top we came down the front and headed back to butte. Was a wonderful first trip. We are doing Canyon Creek for labor day up in the alps.