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trail running
Sunday, February 22, 2015

Starting at at the north end, this equestrian/walking trail is pleasant enough as it winds past Laguna Lake Park. However, once you get to Euclid street, you can either cross the street and pick up the Nora Kuttner trail (prettier option, more elevation gain) or continue along the "trail" that is basically an unpaved sidewalk alongside Euclid street. There is no divider from street traffic at this point. It's not very pretty. No significant changes of elevation on any part of the trail, so fairly easy from that perspective. Heading in the north direction, you can hook up to the Juanita Cooke trail (also prettier than the Euclid street portion of this trail). To create a near-5K loop, I started near the end of this trail (at Euclid and Paseo Dorado), parking in the neighborhood. I then walked along Domingo Rd E/NE to the Juanita Cooke Trail entrance at Laguna Rd. Then took Juanita Cooke to Hermosa Dr, which is where you cross over to the Bud Turner Trail at Laguna Lake Park. Went around the lake and then south on Euclid back to Paseo Dorado. I would not bother with the Euclid portion of these trails if you can avoid it.