Brushy Peak West Loop Trail

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Brushy Peak West Loop Trail is a 2.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Livermore, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

2.3 miles
433 feet

dog friendly

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Brushy Peak's beautiful 2008 addition. This 4.5-mi loop and 950-foot elevation makes a perfect afternoon hike. Opened in 2008, this is the premier hike in Brushy Peak Regional Preserve. The park's namesake peak is a local landmark for pilots, as it's brush-covered heights stands out in stark contrast with the area's grassy peaks. After the modest climb, you'll stroll through the oaks on the peak once used by Charles Lindbergh himself on his Bay Area flights. Beautiful spring-time views of the Livermore valley and Altamonte windmill farms invite the hiker to linger just a little longer, watching the clouds. A foggy mid-winters day brings those clouds dancing and darting through the hills. This is a great hike for dogs, and can make for a special day with the whole family.

12 days ago

I loved this trail. it was our first time and it was just challenging enough. And the cows on the trail were the best.

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2 months ago

I definitely recommend this trail for beginners( I mean it as first time hiking a type of incline trail). Warning you will get a work out and break a sweat if you are not use to incline and decline type of hike. Mid-through the path( at the top between the trees and huge boulders) is a perfect resting stop, especially during the summer. Also get a great view of the trails and how far you've come. This place is great to walk your furry friend(pets), but I will warn you you'll want to have them leashed since there are a lot of squirrels( which will get distracted and want to chase them) and rattle snakes( they only are around during the summer when it's extremely hot outside so they'll rarely be around before or after the summer ). They also have a fountain for your dog in the park lot to receive water or to refill your pets canteens. Also I don't recommend going a day or two after it rains, the trails become very muddy and slippery( making extremely difficult to walk through). Oh and most important bring a lot of water with you if it's your first time( took me 2hour to finish this trail the first time, but as you get use to it should take an hour or less to finish this trail), especially during the summer! Overall definitely worth coming and giving this place a shot!!!!

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